For Every Student in Oxford

Nightline is open to be contacted by every higher education student in Oxford. As ever, no contact is made with any outside agency, academic department or anyone else; we won't even ask which university you are from.

You can call on (01865) 270270, and we can call you back if you want us to.

Opening Dates

Our volunteer base is largely made up of Oxford University students, so it would currently be very difficult for us to open for Brookes semesters. We are working very hard to change this situation though, see below for information on how to train so we can.

Below are the opening dates for the Academic Year 2011/12:

Semester 1:

Semester 2:


Oxford Brookes students are encouraged to train for Oxford Nightline. With a greater proportion of Brookes volunteers, we can work towards opening at key times of the Brookes year outside Oxford terms. Training is free, a unique experience and you have the opportunity to become part of one of the friendliest societies in Oxford with great opportunities to get involved.

This term you must sign up for training by Friday 27th January

Our next training sessions will be held on: