Nightline - Links

Other helplines

The Samaritans offer a similar service to ours, although they are not aimed specifically at students. They are open 24 hours a day, and can be contacted by email.

NHS Direct is an online health information source provided by the National Health Service.

The Helplines Association website has a helpline search facility.

Information sources

The Oxford University Student Health & Welfare page links to welfare providers and information.

The Student Counselling website has links to information on a variety of problems.

MIND's information page has a variety of mental health guides and links to other sites.

The Oxford Student Mental Health Network also has mental health information and links.

Oxford University home page.

Oxford Brookes University Homepage links to various university welfare services and advice.

Oxford Brookes University Counselling Service home page.

Brookes SU Advice Centre

Nightline also has its own information bank and can provide detailed information on a huge range of general and Oxford-specific topics. Feel free to call us and ask.