Nightline Publicity

Oxford Nightline produces a range of publicity materials, designed to make sure that as many Oxford students as possible are aware of our existence and function, and that our phone number, address and opening hours are widely available.

Our publicity material is available free of charge for JCRs, MCRs, colleges, departments and libraries. (This is subject to availability, and applies only to small-to-moderate orders - if you want to order a thousand pens, for instance, we may have to charge at cost price.)

To order publicity material, use this form or write to 16 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2HY. (As we are an anonymous service we are unable to give a contact telephone number for our Publicity Officers on this website. However, if you phone Nightline (01865 270270) between 8pm and 8am (0th-9th week) and leave a message with the volunteers on duty, someone should get back to you the next day.)

If you have any questions, please email


Currently available publicity material includes:

Posters. These come in a number of designs, and in A4 or A3 sizes. They include some brief information about Nightline as well as our contact details and opening hours. We can supply them pre-laminated for durability if you want to put them somewhere fairly permanent.

Leaflets. These give a reasonably detailed run-down of what Nightline is and what sort of service we offer.

Pens. We normally supply these only to libraries (to give away to students there) but we are happy to consider requests from other sources. For space reasons they contain only our name, number and opening hours.

Bookmarks. These are normally given away at library desks but we are willing to supply them for college lodges, welfare surgeries and the like if desired. They have a brief description of Nightline on the back, as well as our contact details.