Volunteering for Nightline

Every term, Oxford Nightline runs a training course for students at Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities who want to join our team of volunteers.

Training consists of three one-day sessions, on three consecutive Saturdays or three consecutive Sundays (there are also a few short meetings in between). After this there is a selection process, and accepted volunteers have to complete a small amount of post-selection training.

Training is often quite tiring, but it is also very rewarding and often fun too.If you'd like to apply, then you can:

We need to have your details by Friday of second week to train you this term. If you're reading this between Saturday of 2nd week and Friday of 3rd week then it may be possible to train you - but please contact us as soon as possible (phoning or visiting the Nightline office is the quickest way to do this).

If you're reading this after Friday of 3rd week, you're too late to train this term. It's still fine to contact us about training, or to apply online - we'll take your details and remind you about training next term.

Notes: we don't train new OU undergraduates in their first term in Oxford.
Also, if you are currently going through a difficult time you should think seriously before committing yourself to training.

We are very grateful to the Careers Service and the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre for providing our training venues.