Political Sociology


The undergraduate reading list is here.


MT 2013 Lectures Fridays 12-1pm, Exam Schools

1, 18th Oct, Introduction, David Robertson

2, 25th Oct, Political Culture and Social Capital, David Robertson

3, 1st Nov, Religion, David Robertson

4, 8th Nov, Ethnicity, Sergi Pardos

5, 15th Nov, Extreme-Right, Sergi Pardos

6, 22nd Nov, Postmaterialism, Ray Duch

7, 29th Nov, Class, Geoff Evans

8, 6th Dec, Turnout, Ray Duch

HT 2014 Lectures Fridays 12-1pm, Exam Schools

1. Elites (Michael Biggs) http://users.ox.ac.uk/~sfos0060/PoliticalSociology.shtml

2. Welfare (Michael Biggs) http://users.ox.ac.uk/~sfos0060/PoliticalSociology.shtml

3: Gender (James Tilley)

4: Nationalism (James Tilley)

5: Media (James Tilley)

6: Participation (James Tilley)

7: Social movements (James Tilley)

8: Revolutions (James Tilley)

2012/13 Lectures by Stephen Fisher and Michael Biggs, 


MT 2012

Introduction and methodology

Political Culture and Social Capital

Voter Turnout

Citizen participation

Social movements 

Revolutions, civil wars and state failure


Political elites

HT 2013

Extreme Right





Welfare regimes 

Social Attitudes




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