How do we decide who is "mad" and who is "sane"? Are psychiatrists always right? And is medicine the only solution to suffering? In the 1960s, R D Laing (1927-1989)became world-famous for his insistence that mental illness could be understood. All psychiatrists needed to do was listen. And care. He didn't feel the need to prescribe drugs - except for the occasional tab of LSD.

Laing was loved by artists and thinkers and loathed by many of his colleagues. He himself was a vulnerable man prone to melancholic binge-drinking. Some people wondered which side of the doctor's desk he should be on. But the issues he raised have not died, and some of his insights seem more valuable than ever.

After the film there will be a panel discussion with the film's director (Robert Mullan), psychiatrist-cum-anthropologist (Roland Littlewood), the founder of SANE (Marjorie Wallace), Hearing-Voices therapist (Rachel Waddingham) and GP and prison doctor (Farnaz Arshid). This distinguished group will be chaired by Athar Yawar (Balliol 1994), psychiatrist and a one-time senior editor of the Lancet.

The discussion will cover important basic questions about what psychiatrists do, what they should do and how they should do it. We hope it will be educational, possibly encourage some of you to consider a career in psychiatry, and engage all of you in some of the incredibly important questions in the field of mental health.

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