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This section contains articles that are published through Oxford Austrian and Central European Studies, both individually and in series.


Edition ONE is a special feature on Austrian Theatre,
co-edited by Robert Pyrah and Deborah Holmes.

Edition TWO is a selection of pieces published as part of the recent
conference held at St. Antony's College, Oxford, in 2001, entitled:
'The Contours of Legitimacy in Central Europe. New Approaches in Graduate Studies'.

The conference was co-ordinated by Larissa Douglass and involved many active members
of OACES on the organising committee.


Submissions are not solely restricted to academic papers, but may also include also matters of
cultural interest. Submissions should ideally be no more than 5,000 words in length.
Longer submissions are likely to be posted in PDF format.

Paper: Theories of Cultural and Historical Primacy in Hungary and Serbia
Eric Weaver

Article: What the Doctor Saw: the Legacy of David Josef Bach, and Lessons for London
Robert Pyrah

Essay: Trends in Austrian Historiography
Jonathan Kwan