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Our thanks to:
    Corey Mulvihill for the design of the conference papers page and creation of pdf files.
    Jonathan Kwan, Martin Mevius, Jaroslav Miller, Vanda Pickett and Esther Schmidt for their research on the Archival Guidebook, and to Katerina Kocourek for entries in the Archival Guidebook and her liaison work with the Oxford University-based British-Czech-Slovak Historians' Forum.
    Sandor and Janet Kerekes (OISE, University of Toronto), to Debbie Holmes (COMPASS) and to Betsy, for all her groundwork on this site and help conceiving the Archival Guidebook in its initial stages.

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Membership and Mailing List
   The Oxford Austrian Studies list regularly circulates details by e-mail of cultural, academic and miscellaneous events concerning Austria and Central Europe in Oxford and beyond.
   Since the Association aims to bring together graduate students across a wide variety of disciplines, whose work, interests and location are subject to change, there is no formal membership requirement and no admission fee. Membership is therefore technically defined by inclusion on the electronic or Oxford-internal mailing lists. Click here to send a subscription request to the list owner.

   **PLEASE NOTE** At this juncture, list membership is restricted to Oxford-based graduate students and academics. Enquires relating to OACES ventures and recripocal contact/publicity arrangements should be addressed to the Committee at oaces@herald.ox.ac.uk