What is the Ockham Society?

The Ockham Society provides a forum in which graduate students and young academics in philosophy may present their work to their peers at the University of Oxford. Our aim is to provide every Oxford graduate student with the opportunity to present their academic ideas at least once during their time in Oxford. It is an ideal opportunity to gain feedback on your work, and to gain first experiences in academic presenting. Small, experimental and unfinished papers are just as welcome as more advanced papers.

While the majority of speakers are from Oxford, the society welcomes papers from graduate students and young academics from other universities. If you would like to present a paper to the society please contact Matthias Brinkmann (firstname.lastname(at)philosophy.ox.ac.uk).


A session of the Ockham Society typically lasts around 60 minutes. In the standard format, a presenter will talk for 30 minutes, with the same amount of discussion time. In the "Ockham Shorts" format, two speakers will each present for 15 minutes, with 15 minutes left for Q&A.

Call for Papers

Oxford Students (including incoming students): for the upcoming Michaelmas term, we are looking for students willing to present. If you have some philosophical ideas you wish to present, please contact Matthias Brinkmann with a title and (if you have one) a short abstract.

Call for Committee

Oxford Students (including incoming students): We’re also looking for new committee members. We are looking for people willing to bring in new and exciting ideas for the Ockham society. The responsibilities you’ll have normally come to no more than a few hours during a term.

We will aim to find more new committee members from the incoming students, and will have our first meeting in week 1. If you’re interested, and perhaps already have some ideas for the society, email Matthias Brinkmann. (You can decide spontaneously to come to our first meeting in Michaelmas, so it's not necessary that you commit now, but we appreciate early expressions of interest.)

Programme for Trinity 2014

In Trinity 2014, we will meet in the Meeting Room 4 (Faculty, ground floor), on Thursdays, 1-2 pm, except in week 4 and 6, when we will be in the Lecture Room.

Past Sessions. Michaelmas 2012 | Hilary 2013 | Trinity 2013
Michaelmas 2013 | Hilary 2014 | Trinity 2014