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Language Lessons

Where: Oriental Institute (map, or you can download this handy PDF)

When: Every Thursday of term, from 6pm to 7pm.

Cost: FREE to members of OJS.

*If you speak Japanese and would like to help with the running of the classes, or if you have any questions regarding the classes, please contact Ikuya AND Mayu.

A Rough Guide to the Language Levels

It will be difficult for these classes to be all things to all people, but we shall try our best to accommodate all levels. Below is a rough guide to help you decide which level you should enter, but please keep in mind that these are not formal classes and so the format will differ depending on the wishes of the group. Japanese is a fun language to learn and can be challenging at times, but super rewarding when you get it right! Bring a pen and paper, and enjoy the ride. ^^

Absolute Beginners ("the curious")

In a small group with a native speaker (fluent in English as well as Japanese) or with a Japanese undergraduate, you will learn some basic phrases for everyday communication in Japanese, gradually increasing vocabulary and learning to construct sentences of your own.

Absolute beginners will not be expected to know the Japanese writing system: if we write things down to show you they will be in roman letters to start with, although it is hoped that we will be able to teach you some basic Japanese writing (hiragana) over time.

Intermediate (some formal teaching before or perhaps spent some time in Japan)

Practice Japanese conversation and grammar with a native speaker - please have some ideas about what to talk about. Those who have not experienced Japan may want to discuss issues about living in or visiting Japan, and perhaps the differences between Britain and Japan. Articles etc, in English or Japanese, may help provide ideas for conversation, although this is not a reading class.

Advanced Level

Come along and chat to others with advanced level Japanese. It may again be helpful to have some kind of material to provide a topic for conversation.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there!


Language Exchange and Weekly Pub Meets

Where: Announced Weekly

When: Every Thursday, from 7:15pm

Cost: Free, and open to all – members and non-members alike

If you are looking for a something a little more informal, why not try our weekly Pub Meets? It's a great opportunity to practise your Japanese (or English, if you are Japanese!), find a language exchange partner, or just meet the committee and other OUJS members for a friendly drink (^O^)