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OUJS AGM will be early in Trinity, and


to be The Committee 2013-2014

OUJS is a vibrant student-run society, but for it to continue to be so, we need you! The application process and AGM are equally informal, and we welcome applications from absolutely anyone, as long as you're interested in being involved!

The positions available are:

- President

- Secretary

- Treasurer

- Language Class Coordinator

- Social Secretary

- IT Officer

No long application is required; just send an email to with about 500 words, detailing the position you're applying for, why you would be good for that position, what you can bring to the team and any new ideas you have to improve OUJS next year!

More information concerning applications will be posted on this page in the very near future, so be sure to keep checking back. If you have any specific enquiries about the positions and their responsibilities, however, please feel free to get in touch! Individual contact details of this year's committee are on our About page.

General enquiries, as usual, can be sent to enquiries@oujs.org.uk.

Why join OUJS Committee?

Joining the organisational side of any society takes a certain amount of commitment and enthusiasm, but it is an incredibly worthwhile experience, both in terms of nurturing and honing your own skills as well as looking good on your C.V.

It's what you make it. OUJS has the advantage of being a super social, super easy-to-get-involved-in society. We welcome anyone to join in our activities all year round, and likewise welcome anyone, from regulars to first-timers who just want to get more involved, into applying to be part of the OUJS team.

It's about fun. Interest-based societies like OUJS are all about the social, but that's not to mean you have to be that all-out super-outgoing person either. Pop by the Royal Oak any Thursday, swing by an event any time - as well as all the serious stuff like English-Japanese language exchange and getting a good taste of Japanese culure (often quite literally in terms of our food-based events!), OUJS is about meeting new people, hanging out with your friends, and generally having a good time. As part of the committee, you'll be in prime position to meet and greet new and old OUJS members, as well as instrumental to creating and maintaining the fun and social atmosphere our society is so proud of.