Emeritus Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion, University of Oxford
Emeritus Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford
Fellow of the British Academy.

All the central questions of philosophy.
The meaning and justification of the central claims of Christianity

1952 Open Scholarship in Classics to Exeter College, Oxford.
1954-7 Undergraduate at Oxford, reading for B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics obtained with First Class Honours in 1957.
1957-9 Read B.Phil in Philosophy at Oxford.
1958-61 Fereday Fellow, St. John's College, Oxford.
1959-60 Read Oxford Diploma in Theology obtained with distinction in 1960.
1961-63 Leverhulme Research Fellow in the History and Philosophy of Science, University of Leeds.
1960-1963 Research Fellowships devoted to learning science and the history of science.

Lecturer (1963-69), and Senior Lecturer (1969-72), in Philosophy, University of Hull.
Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Maryland, 1969-1970.
Professor of Philosophy, University of Keele, 1972-85.
Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion, University of Oxford, 1985-2002..

Visiting Professorships and Named Special  Lectureships
1975-78 Wilde Lecturer in Natural and Comparative Religion, University of Oxford.
1977 Forwood Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Religion, University of Liverpool.
1980 Marrett Memorial Lecturer, Exeter College, Oxford.
1981 Special Lecturer (in Theology), University of London.
1982 Distinguished Visiting Scholar, University of Adelaide.
1983 Theology 'Faculty' Lecturer, University College, Cardiff.
1982-84 Gifford Lecturer, University of Aberdeen.
1987 Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Syracuse University, Spring Semester.
1987 Edward Cadbury Lecturer, University of Birmingham.
1990 Wade Memorial Lecturer, St Louis University.
1992 Indian Council for Philosophical Research, visiting Lecturer.
1992 Dotterer Lecturer, Penn State University.
1997 Aquinas Lecturer, Marquette University.
2002 (March )Visiting Professor of Philosophy, University of Rome (La Sapienza).                                                                                   

2002 (November) Visiting Professor of Philosophy (Kaminsky Lecturer), Catholic University of Lublin.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

2003 (Spring Semester) Visiting Professor, Divinity School, Yale University.                                                                                                                                                                                                

2003(Fall Semester) Visiting (Collins) Professor of Philosophy, St Louis University.                                                                                                   

2006 Paul Holmer Lecturer, University of Minnesota

2008 Lawson Lecturer, Stetson University

2009  Forwood Lecturer , University of  Liverpool

2013 Sophia /Forum  Lecturer,, Azusa Paciific Uniiverslty,

2014 Gilbert  Ryle  Ledturer,, Trent University  (Ontario).

Most Recent Books  

Mind, Brain, and Free  Will,  Oxford University Press, 2013

Was Jesus God? Oxford University Press, 2008.

Revelation (second edition), Oxford Unversity Press,  2007.