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I have now completed the first of the Oxford-based Tommy West thrillers. For a preview click here. To see what other readers make of it, have a look at my pages on youwriteon.com.

If you are intelligent, gifted, or have many aptitudes, I'd love you to fill out and return a questionnaire to help with the second book in the Tommy West  series. Click here for the questionnaire.

Here's a taster of Harlequin is Dead

It was an exquisite curve, like the ones Emily had seen as a child in the Louvre. But it wasn’t a brushstroke that formed it; it was a length of human gut. She pulled her eyes away; pulled them up to the face. Only what stared back wasn’t a face. It was the blank polished wood of a mask...

A serial killer is stalking Oxford’s undergraduates, dumping their bodies in grotesque, mutilated tableaux, their faces hidden by actors’ masks. DCI Emily Harris is drawn into the disturbing world of a killer obsessed by identity and belonging.

DS Rosie Lu, cut off from a family that has returned to Hong Kong, must finally confront the painful question of her own identity. But when the victims are all connected to a society for Oxford’s intellectual elite, Rosie is forced to look for answers in her present and not her past – from the one person capable of unlocking the killer’s identity, her boyfriend, and Emily’s ex, Tommy West, who founded the society seventeen years earlier.

Tommy slips effortlessly back into the mysterious community of outsiders he created. But it soon becomes clear that the murders so far have been nothing more than an elaborately laid out overture designed to draw Tommy onto the stage for the final bloody act.


Publish and be Danned

To meet the rigorous demands of modern technology, my blog here has been archived, and a new one, also about the trials of getting published, has emerged at IQueue, less reverent, less serious, less, er, true! And have a look at my book review column at IQueueReview

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Analogy quiz

I will be including some IQ test type analogies in the new book, and to make sure I get the right sort of question, I'd love people to send me answers to the following questions, along with any IQ measures they have (to help me gauge how difficult the questions are). They are not intended to be culturally fair, they are intended to reflect the type of question commonly used. In all cases the relation between the first two terms is the same in some way as the relation between the two terms after the double colon.

  1. Use of a dictionary : vocab :: use of “and” and “but” : ?
  2. holy knight : templar :: holy standard : ?
  3. Delaunay : colour :: Holland : ?
  4. solitaire : wings :: domino : ?
  5. Grass : drum :: Baum : ?
  6. strangulation : M & Y :: alcoholism : ?
  7. whale : Melville :: leopards :