I'm not quite sure how I would differentiate fine wine from any other. Usually the inclusion of the adjective serves the primary function of marking the user out as a wine snob. Here its primary function is to get people to this page.

You may find this link to the Berry Bros and Rudd vintage chart useful.

I love good white wine, and I love good red wine, but most of all I love pudding wine, a fortunate event that probably arose because of its incredible value. Rather like champagne and working in the public sector, the starting price of pudding wine is reasonably high, but the ceiling is relatively low, which means that if you are going to splurge once a year on a 50-100 bottle you can probably pick up something incredible, whereas if you're not careful and spend that amount on red wine you'll end up with a really dire vintage of a famous wine. The other thing about pudding wines is that they keep almost indefinitely. What i hope to construct here is a tour of the great pudding wines of the world.









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