The Tommy West novels

Tommy West, former theology student at Oxford and lifelong atheist, is a successful interior designer with bipolar disorder; DCI Emily Harris, a  devout Christian was the first love of his life; her DS, Rosie Lu, left Hong Kong shortly before the handover to Chinese rule in 1997.

Plot teasers for the first three in the series are below.

The Company of Fellows

Charles Shaw, Professor of moral Theology at Oxford University, is dead, and the police believe his death is suicide. His dying request to former student Tommy West, who dropped out of academia when he was hospitalised with manic depression, is to look after his daughter Becky. And to find his killer. What he leaves Tommy to help him is the research for a controversial book he was about to publish on the meaning of parenthood. 18 year-old Becky, who has spent her life with the woman Shaw left on the night that her twin was stillborn, begs Tommy to help. By agreeing, he risks stirring up a hornet's nest with the detective in charge of the investigation: his ex, Emily Harris, now in a happy but childless marriage; and he risks compromising her sergeant, Rosie Lu, with whom he finds himself embarking on a reckless relationship that may be the first symptom of his returning illness.

Tommy is certain that the key to Shaw's murder lies with a horrific secret from the night that Becky was born. But it is a key that threatens to unlock more than just the Professor's death. Now Tommy is in a battle against time, and against himself, as the approaching truth, and secrets welling up from his own past, threaten to send him to another, irreversible, breakdown.

Harlequin is Dead

Oxford students are being murdered. Their naked bodies are being found at some of the city’s most famous landmarks wearing only Venetian masks. For Detective Sergeant Rosie Lu the questions of identity, personal, cultural, and national, that the case raises make her long for the Hong Kong that she left before the handover in 1997, a place that no longer exists. And for DCI Emily Harris the investigation also leads her back to her past, and a place that she can't go back to. All the victims were refused entry to an exclusive high intelligence society established by her first boyfriend, Tommy West. Now he is the only one who can help her piece the case together.

All the Dark Places

When a famous author who claims to have witnessed a series of grisly murders turns out to have Alzheimers and to be describing the plots of her own novels, everyone dismisses it as the ravings of an old woman. Everyone except her interior designer, Tommy West who goes back to the novels and believes that she may have intended to point the finger at a set of now 50 year-old murders. But she is too ill for him to ask and the only clues lie in what is left of her original research.




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