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County Championships, Hilary 00
County Championships (08-09/01/00)

County		Name			Position

Bedfordshire	B. Hopewell		2nd (Snr Women)
Cambridgeshire	R. Bowyer (ex-OUCCC)	2nd (Snr Men)
Gloucestershire	E. O'Hare		1st (Snr Women)
Hampshire	R. Boyle		30th (Snr Men)
Hampshire	M. Clark		1st (Snr Women)
Nottinghamshire	N. Talbot		6th (Snr Men)
Nottinghamshire	M. Wakefield		10th (Snr Men)
Oxfordshire	B. Whizz		1st (Snr Men)
Oxfordshire	S. Watterson		3rd (Snr Men)
Oxfordshire	G. Clancy		9th (Snr Men)
Oxfordshire	F. Aurora		27th (Snr Men)
Oxfordshire	M. Antoninis		49th (Snr Men)
Oxfordshire	J. Craft		1st (Snr Women)
Oxfordshire	F. Rose			11th (Snr Women)
Somerset	D. Lee (ex-OUCCC)	1st (Snr Women)
Somerset	L. Hasell		2nd (Snr Women)
Yorkshire	M. Bishop		42nd (Snr Men)

OUCCC win the men's team event in Oxfordshire


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