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Teddy Hall Relays, Hilary 05
Teddy Hall Relays (09/03/05)

Category Winners

Overall 	Men 	Oxford University
		Women 	Oxford University
		Mixed 	Bristol University

College 	Men 	Magdalen College A
		Women 	Keble College "Pic 'n' Mix"
		Mixed 	St Edmund Hall "The Hall" B

Department 	Men 	LSI DTC A
		Women 	The Three Must-Get-Beers
		Mixed 	Organic Chemistry Department: Speedose

Sport and Socs 	Men 	Oxford University Club Hurriers
		Women 	Oxford University Triathlon

Boat Club 	Men 	Pembroke College Boat Club
		Women 	Teddy Hall Women's Rowing Team

Veterans 	Men 	Fit 2 Run Vets
Individuals 	Men 	Nick Talbot
		Women 	Alison Hirst
Category Winners

Men's Teams

1Oxford University80:23
2OUCCC Old Gits A "Don't Play Your Gramaphone So Loud"84:19
3Cambridge University Hare and Hounds A85:38
4Bath University (Men)86:56
5Bath University90:34
6Fit 2 Run90:52
7Warwick University A90:53
8Imperial College, London A91:32
9OUCCC Old Gits C "You Pesky Kids"92:25
10OUCCC Old Gits D "I Remember When It Was BUSF"92:45
11OUCCC Old Gits B "A-Levels are Devalued Nowadays"92:47
12Fit 2 Run Vets92:47
13Nottingham University92:50
14Fat Alberts - Lyneham A93:04
15Cambridge University Hare and Hounds B93:15
16Hillingdon AC A93:31
17Bristol University93:57
18Oxford University Club Hurriers95:50
19Cambridge University Hare and Hounds C96:08
20London School of Economics A96:22
21Magdalen College A96:37
22Headington Road Runners A96:43
23Warwick University B97:02
24Hillingdon AC B97:05
25Oxford City Unison A97:33
26Fit 2 Run Too97:45
27Jesus College A97:46
29Bath University (Sprint Squad)97:55
30University of Portsmouth A98:07
31Kings College London A98:20
32Fit 2 Run Vets Too98:32
33Wadham College "Da Hamstaz" A98:41
34LSI DTC A98:50
35Oxford University Orienteering Club98:56
36White Horse Harriers99:04
37Oxford City AC99:47
38Teddy Hall A99:48
39Hillingdon AC C100:10
40Jesus College B100:22
41University College London101:02
42Exeter College B (FIT 3)101:14
43St Peter's College Fast Men101:24
44Pembroke College Boat Club101:41
45Worcester College101:47
46Lady Margaret Hall103:02
47Queens College Boat Club A103:34
48OULRC Geriatrics103:59
49Southampton University Old Boys B104:21
50Keble Krew104:48
51Southampton University Old Boys A105:00
52Mansfield College105:00
53St John's College105:26
54Queens College Boat Club B106:09
55Brasenose College106:32
56Imperial College, London B1106:40
57Lincoln College Boat Club106:40
58Headington Road Runners B107:33
59Imperial College, London B2107:36
60Organic Chemistry Department: Glycoform RC107:49
61Oriel College108:05
62Wadham College MCR108:22
63Fat Alberts - Lyneham B108:29
64St Edmund Hall Boat Club Bows109:14
65St Peter's College MCR109:15
66Trinity College Boat Club A110:14
67The Hall B110:22
68AOPP A "Scholars"110:37
69Corpus Christi College110:39
70Hillingdon AC E110:48
71Kings College London B110:58
72Oxford University Triathlon111:01
73LSI DTC B111:07
74Templeton College A111:50
75Nuffield College: Ducks112:22
76Linacre College112:40
77Oxford City Unison D112:46
78St Peter's College Darts Club113:14
79Trogdor and the Burninators113:31
80OUMPA (Red Team)113:49
81Wadham College "Da Hamstaz" B114:11
82London School of Economics B114:28
83The Reverends115:32
84Bear Essential Roadrunners "Stars of Track and Sack"115:35
85LSI DTC D116:15
86St Edmund Hall Boat Club Strokes116:42
87Exeter College A (FIT 1)117:15
88Oxford City Unison C117:15
89Harwell Running Club118:57
90Nuffield College: Cheetahs119:21
91Headington Road Runners C120:31
92Magdalen College B120:41
93Oxford City Unison B121:43
94Wild Cru122:29
95Keble College123:39
96University of Portsmouth B123:41
98AOPP B "Gentlemen"126:43
99Hillingdon AC D128:42
100The WIMMPS128:47
101Lord Risings Serfs128:56
102Jesus College C130:11
103OU Chemsoc A - Will's Whirlwinds131:22
104Schofield Lab B132:10
105OU Chemsoc B - Hamish's Hurricanes134:32
106Organic Chemistry Department: Leuanose138:10
107LSI DTC C140:44
108Queens College "Team Joe"141:10
109LSI DTC E143:55

Women's Teams


Mixed Teams

1Oxford University72:38
2Headington Road Runners74:49
3Cambridge University Hare and Hounds A76:54
4Keble College "Pick and Mix"77:22
5Warwick University A77:56
6University College London A79:55
7Bristol University83:27
8Harwell Running Club83:41
9Bath University85:48
10St Hugh's College86:25
11St Hilda's College87:22
12Cambridge University Hare and Hounds B90:06
13Warwick University B90:32
14Kings College London A94:53
15Worcester College95:18
16St Peter's College95:49
17Oxford University Triathlon95:57
18Teddy Hall Women's Rowing Team95:58
19Imperial College, London A96:05
20Linacre College A97:10
21St John's College97:24
22The Three Must-Get-Beers99:21
23St Edmund Hall Girls99:27
24Lady Magaret Hall: The Tea Ladies99:38
25Bear Essential Roadrunners100:16
26OUMPA (Blue Team)101:24
27Imperial College, London B (Girls Abound)103:55
28University of Portsmouth109:18
29Nuffield College: Babes110:57
30Linacre College B116:18
31Garlic Mushrooms118:35

Mixed Teams

1Bristol University94:10
2University of London A95:00
3Warwick University98:33
4Neath Dingo (Headington Road Runners)98:53
5Imperial College, London Mixed99:53
6Lincoln College Boat Club Womens First VIII114:06
7Teddy Hall B "The Hall"117:10
8University College London117:40
9Bear Lame (Lincoln College)117:41
10Bath University117:50
11Trinity College117:55
12University of Portsmouth118:16
13Pembroke College "The Pride of Pembroke"118:54
14Magdalen College "Machines""119:29
15Organic Chemistry Department: Speedose120:10
16Green College120:37
17Balliol College (Jowlett Walk)121:00
18High Voltage122:00
19Templeton College B123:29
20Oxford Brookes University: Polly Dollies125:52
21Department of Anatomy127:59
22Schofield Lab A128:02
23Nuffield College: Pimps128:56
24Magdalen College132:41
25Osler House133:09
26Gypsies and the Rack134:41
27Inorganic Chemistry137:39
28Teddy Hall C - MCR: Hall Stars139:15
29St Peter's College142:37
30Nuffield College: Speed Freaks144:00
31Teddy Hall A145:53
32LSI DTC148:44
33Organic Chemistry Department: Weirdose156:52
34Sommerville College158:21
35Organic Chemistry Department: Slackose160:00

Unfinished Teams
Somerville College A "Spartacans"
Somerville College B "Crazy Bio-chemists"
Hillingdon AC F

Men's Individual Results

1Knickerless TalbotOxford University19:211
2Jon '4 Times A Night' BlackledgeOxford University20:164
3Super-Ted ThompsonOxford University20:222
4Benji MoroseOxford University20:243
5Steve WattersonOUCCC Old Gits A "Don't Play Your Gramaphone So Loud"20:293
6Nick TalbotMagdalen College A20:334
7Richard WardCambridge University Hare and Hounds A20:412
8Steve MaleFit 2 Run20:482
9Andy YoungBath University (Men)21:001
10Peter HaarerOUCCC Old Gits A "Don't Play Your Gramaphone So Loud"21:034
11Billy WhizzOUCCC Old Gits A "Don't Play Your Gramaphone So Loud"21:091
12Fraser ThompsonPembroke College "The Pride of Pembroke"21:164
13Christopher MullingtonUniversity of London A21:171
14Owain BristowCambridge University Hare and Hounds A21:221
15Steve MearsBath University (Men)21:264
16Gwyn BellamyWarwick University A21:272
17Andy GreenleafNottingham University21:301
18Gwyn BellamyWarwick University B21:344
19Craig MaudBath University21:351
20Bendi MoreauWadham College MCR21:384
21Andy WeirOUCCC Old Gits A "Don't Play Your Gramaphone So Loud"21:382
22Harold WyberWarwick University A21:421
23Will GeorgeCambridge University Hare and Hounds A21:434
24Oli MottBristol University21:441
25Eoin O'ColgainImperial College, London A21:482
26Dave BruceLady Margaret Hall21:504
27Diarmuid O'SeaghdhaCambridge University Hare and Hounds A21:523
28Roger ThetfordNeath Dingo (Headington Road Runners)21:564
29Jeremy BradleyGCHQ21:594
30Chris BusailehBath University (Men)21:593
31Steve WattersonOUCCC Old Gits D "I Remember When It Was BUSF"22:064
32Mark Fallowfield-SmithWarwick University22:062
33Alex GaskellOUCCC Old Gits B "A-Levels are Devalued Nowadays"22:101
34Roy KellawayFat Alberts - Lyneham A22:111
35Rich WardCambridge University Hare and Hounds C22:123
36Martin BishopLSI DTC A22:152
37Rich WilliamsBristol University22:182
38Jason CookeWhite Horse Harriers22:213
39Les NewellFit 2 Run22:231
40Alex McIntoshCambridge University Hare and Hounds B22:234
41Marcus MaxwellFat Alberts - Lyneham A22:244
42David GavaghanLSI DTC A22:251
43Bryan VaughanFit 2 Run Vets22:253
44Trevor DixonFit 2 Run Vets22:261
45Phill ScarrOUCCC Old Gits B "A-Levels are Devalued Nowadays"22:272
46Ed CatmurJesus College A22:271
47Martin BishopLSI DTC B22:284
48Graham RobinsonWarwick University22:281
49Dave XiongImperial College, London A22:314
50Kev MasonBath University (Men)22:312
51Al KeminsOUCCC Old Gits C "You Pesky Kids"22:341
52Oli Rees JonesTeddy Hall A22:343
53David BroganLondon School of Economics A22:361
54Paul FernandezFit 2 Run Too22:374
55Chris SavilleBath University22:392
56Rich WilliamsBristol University22:464
57Matt JenkinsNottingham University22:472
58Al GaskellOUCCC Old Gits C "You Pesky Kids"22:494
59Paul LeppardHillingdon AC A22:504
60Chris MillardOxford University Orienteering Club22:543
61Jolyon ReburnOxford University Club Hurriers22:574
62Graham RobinsonWarwick University A22:573
63Harold WyberWarwick University B22:593
64Si RutherfordCambridge University Hare and Hounds B23:001
65Matt WakefieldOUCCC Old Gits D "I Remember When It Was BUSF"23:011
66Christopher MullingtonImperial College, London A23:021
67Robbie HawkinsBath University (Sprint Squad)23:031
68YobboOUCCC Old Gits C "You Pesky Kids"23:073
69Andy BellCambridge University Hare and Hounds B23:082
70James IrvineBath University23:104
71Andy BellCambridge University Hare and Hounds C23:104
72Jem ScraggBath University23:103
73Andy MilesHillingdon AC A23:133
74Ed CatmurOxford University Orienteering Club23:134
75Andy WeirOUCCC Old Gits D "I Remember When It Was BUSF"23:143
76Julian HoughKings College London A23:164
77Tom RandlesUniversity of Portsmouth A23:181
78Paul CarrWhite Horse Harriers23:211
79Oli MottBristol University23:253
80Steve MeadFit 2 Run23:263
81Pete WarburtonHillingdon AC A23:292
82Scott AndesLondon School of Economics A23:323
83Evan WilliamsBath University (Sprint Squad)23:324
84Dave BroganUniversity of London A23:324
85Phil SmithSt Peter's College Fast Men23:353
86Chris ArrowsmithBath University (Sprint Squad)23:353
87Craig AyresHillingdon AC B23:381
88Martin BatemanHillingdon AC B23:394
89Ian HewittTrinity College23:392
90Luke McNeillHeadington Road Runners A23:391
91Will LindsayWadham College "Da Hamstaz" A23:404
92Felix LangleyBristol University23:412
93Andy McCoyGCHQ23:442
94Trevor DixonOxford City Unison A23:453
95Simon MoldenOUCCC Old Gits B "A-Levels are Devalued Nowadays"23:464
96Leon FosterNottingham University23:484
97Dave WheelerFit 2 Run Vets Too23:504
98Thomas StevensJesus College A23:504
99Curtis BaileyGCHQ23:501
100Dan SnowUniversity of Portsmouth A23:502
101Stephen Granger-BevanOriel College23:504
102Steve ScrutonSouthampton University Old Boys A23:511
103Gavin DaisleyImperial College, London Mixed23:513
104Edward ArchibaldMagdalen College A23:522
105James PercivalFit 2 Run Vets23:534
106Andy ArbourOUCCC Old Gits C "You Pesky Kids"23:552
107Julian RichardsonOxford City Unison A23:594
108James ShipleyHillingdon AC A23:591
109Ryan JordanhazySt Peter's College Fast Men24:011
110Anu DudhiaOxford University Club Hurriers24:022
111Justin BronderExeter College B (FIT 3)24:024
112Domonic SwordsFit 2 Run Vets24:032
113Julian HehirOxford City Unison A24:041
114Graeme CoatesOxford University Club Hurriers24:043
115Dan HarrisBristol University24:051
116Neville BakerHeadington Road Runners A24:064
117Matt RushworthLondon School of Economics A24:072
118John HolmesBear Essential Roadrunners "Stars of Track and Sack"24:094
119Richard DobellBrasenose College24:101
120Will UnsworthTeddy Hall A24:102
121Carl ThompsonFat Alberts - Lyneham A24:112
122Nick PontingWhite Horse Harriers24:112
123Seb VenusImperial College, London A24:113
124Dave GavaghanHeadington Road Runners A24:143
125Roy TreadwellOxford City AC24:143
126Lars OrthFit 2 Run24:154
127Dave ParsonsFit 2 Run Vets Too24:162
128Oli LoughWadham College "Da Hamstaz" A24:173
129Andy DixonFat Alberts - Lyneham A24:183
130Ewan DavisOULRC Geriatrics24:184
131RegisterWorcester College24:194
132Ankit SahaImperial College, London Mixed24:191
133Stevan DokicHillingdon AC C24:201
134Steve ScrutonSouthampton University Old Boys B24:203
135Phil KillicoatMagdalen College A24:213
136Simon MoldenOUCCC Old Gits D "I Remember When It Was BUSF"24:242
137Matt WakefieldOUCCC Old Gits B "A-Levels are Devalued Nowadays"24:243
138Ian BalesJesus College B24:252
139Dan RowlandsJesus College B24:254
140Martin ReynoldsOxford City Unison D24:254
141Nick RussellFit 2 Run Vets Too24:271
142Neil StockerSouthampton University Old Boys B24:281
143David TulipQueens College Boat Club A24:304
144Sam RonsfordPembroke College Boat Club24:301
145Paul MansiHillingdon AC B24:312
146Gareth JonesOxford City AC24:322
147Stephane CiolinoKings College London A24:361
148Jonathan DeaneUniversity College London24:411
149Christoph BastenKeble Krew24:414
150Nick HallFit 2 Run Too24:421
151Vikram BalachandarUniversity College London24:422
152Richard SaynorMansfield College24:424
153Si RutherfordCambridge University Hare and Hounds C24:432
154Jamie DarlingSt John's College24:434
155Aidan BrownCambridge University Hare and Hounds B24:443
156Roger ThetfordHeadington Road Runners A24:442
157Patrick BarehamNottingham University24:453
158Mike BullOxford University Club Hurriers24:471
159Ian SmithWarwick University A24:474
160Tom JullingsUniversity of Portsmouth24:483
161Pete GrayFit 2 Run Too24:493
162Laurie HurmanNeath Dingo (Headington Road Runners)24:501
163Sander van KasteronOrganic Chemistry Department: Glycoform RC24:541
164Kevin WatermanHillingdon AC C24:542
165Chris DavidsonOxford University Orienteering Club24:571
166Des RhuleKings College London A25:002
167Didn'tWorcester College25:002
168Eric EnglerExeter College B (FIT 3)25:011
169Tom MakinWadham College "Da Hamstaz" A25:021
170Chris BirchFat Alberts - Lyneham B25:053
171Ondrej MatesQueens College Boat Club B25:063
172Jonathan DeaneUniversity College London25:073
173Neil StockerSouthampton University Old Boys A25:073
174Fergus BarrettPembroke College Boat Club25:083
175Richard HardyUniversity of Portsmouth A25:103
176Guy EarleJesus College A25:123
177David LancasterSchofield Lab A25:124
178Andy StubbingsSt Peter's College MCR25:142
179John PippPembroke College Boat Club25:164
180Nick FoshQueens College Boat Club A25:162
181Simon MacDonaldOxford University Triathlon25:163
182Paul WilliamsHillingdon AC B25:173
183Stephen CumberlandMansfield College25:183
184Richard GrantOxford City AC25:201
185Chris BakerQueens College Boat Club B25:212
186Ben SandersonAOPP A "Scholars""25:232
187Dave NewmanHillingdon AC C25:243
188R BeeNuffield College: Ducks25:264
189Alex RothmanOUMPA (Red Team)25:272
190Adam HillsKings College London A25:283
191James HurrellMansfield College25:281
192Bob RijkersPembroke College "The Pride of Pembroke"25:312
193Dave SmithHillingdon AC C25:324
194Captain Will UnsworthOU Chemsoc A - Will's Whirlwinds25:334
195Hugh AggletonJesus College B25:343
196Matt RushworthLondon School of Economics B25:344
197Luke McNeillSchofield Lab B25:364
198Andy PikeFit 2 Run Too25:372
199Leo MurrayImperial College, London B125:401
200Andrew SmyeSt Edmund Hall Boat Club Bows25:413
201John ExleyOxford City AC25:414
202Wylie BreckennidgeBalliol College (Jowlett Walk)25:421
203Tom SutherlandWadham College "Da Hamstaz" A25:422
204Martin GaudeckerUniversity College London25:424
205Thomas AdcockSt Peter's College Darts Club25:431
206Mark JaggardOxford City Unison A25:452
207Andy HayWarwick University B25:482
208M LausiThe Hall B25:494
209Jason JamesUniversity of Portsmouth A25:494
210James HadfieldLady Margaret Hall25:501
211Nick ColeLincoln College Boat Club25:533
212Juha KaupillaImperial College, London B225:561
213Owen JamesJesus College B25:581
214Josh KerryLondon School of Economics B25:581
215WeWorcester College25:583
216Joe ChickCorpus Christi College25:591
217Mike ShipwayFit 2 Run Vets Too25:593
218Chris SumnerExeter College A (FIT 1)26:003
219Thomas BrennanThe Reverends26:021
220Jacob EislerCambridge University Hare and Hounds C26:031
221Hanno NickauHeadington Road Runners B26:031
222Ben StoneExeter College B (FIT 3)26:053
223MurrayExeter College B (FIT 3)26:062
224Matt ThomasLondon School of Economics A26:074
225Rick MerrickOriel College26:072
226John BignellHillingdon AC E26:073
227Tom OvingtonLady Margaret Hall26:083
228Tom WoodheadLincoln College Boat Club26:081
229Angus FowlisSt Peter's College MCR26:094
230Mike LawrieTeddy Hall A26:101
231Pavel OvserkoJesus College C26:123
232Steve MayhewLSI DTC A26:153
233Duncan BullockKeble Krew26:153
234John CameronJesus College A26:172
235Alex EggemanOULRC Geriatrics26:172
236Paul SherattQueens College Boat Club A26:181
237Claudio SissaTempleton College A26:192
238Richard GreenbergSomerville College A "Spartacans""26:201
239Mike RiddellSt Peter's College MCR26:213
240Laurie HurmanHeadington Road Runners B26:213
241Stephane CiolinoKings College London B26:224
242Gavin BirdHeadington Road Runners B26:244
243Daz JeffreyFat Alberts - Lyneham B26:272
244Iain CochsSomerville College B "Crazy Bio-chemists"26:271
245Harry KretchmerSt John's College26:293
246Tarik AmerImperial College, London B226:293
247WhyWorcester College26:301
248Chris TysonNuffield College: Cheetahs26:311
249Richard NashHillingdon AC E26:324
250Peter FindingLincoln College Boat Club Womens First VIII26:321
251Yiannis FitsakisWadham College MCR26:322
252Ben BaillieUniversity College London26:324
253Jon HydeHarwell Running Club26:322
254Andreas StradisMagdalen College "Machines"26:341
255Liam KeeganLincoln College Boat Club26:344
256H StewartThe Hall B26:361
257Adam GroggGreen College26:384
258Paul RogersOULRC Geriatrics26:381
259Robert FellowsKings College London B26:401
260Karl RigbyWarwick University B26:411
261John RichardsBrasenose College26:434
262Oli MorningOULRC Geriatrics26:463
263Ian MonkPembroke College Boat Club26:472
264Stewart ThorpOxford City Unison C26:481
265Graham BlackmanBath University26:484
266Josh MillerSt Peter's College Fast Men26:482
267Allan PetersenImperial College, London B126:484
268Paul GrimsdaleOxford City Unison D26:491
269Pete HillSociology26:492
270Benjamin GrandeySt John's College26:502
271Heiko HesseNuffield College: Pimps26:504
272Alan ChetwyndTeddy Hall A26:544
273Stephen TaylorKeble Krew26:552
274Chris ShuttleImperial College, London B126:552
275Andrew MarshallKeble Krew26:571
276Jon TolbinOxford University Triathlon27:001
277Will CarterSt Peter's College Fast Men27:004
278Oliver LevyBear Lame (Lincoln College)27:022
279Will SweetTrinity College Boat Club A27:024
280Josh ElderSt Edmund Hall Boat Club Strokes27:034
281Alastair BurgessAOPP A "Scholars"27:051
282Paul SummerscalesQueens College Boat Club B27:061
283Adam GamsaLinacre College27:071
284David BroganLondon School of Economics B27:073
285Bill BowserFat Alberts - Lyneham B27:074
286Mark AbrahamsonWadham College MCR27:093
287Alex GrovesSt Edmund Hall Boat Club Bows27:104
288Sander van KasteronOrganic Chemistry Department: Glycoform RC27:113
289Euan RobertsonBrasenose College27:112
290Neil WinkelmanTempleton College A27:133
291James MossSouthampton University Old Boys B27:142
292Vikram MittelTrinity College Boat Club A27:152
293Kevin BastianKings College London B27:163
294Rakesh NandhaImperial College, London B127:173
295Marc SwanTrinity College Boat Club A27:193
296Richard CallowSt Edmund Hall Boat Club Bows27:211
297Darren JoliffeSouthampton University Old Boys A27:212
298Charlie HealdSt John's College27:241
299Will SmithWadham College "Da Hamstaz" B27:253
300Gerton LunterLSI DTC B27:271
301Wes BriscoeImperial College, London B227:272
302Tim RaydenLinacre College27:272
303Daniel WoodQueens College Boat Club A27:303
304Zhan SuLSI DTC D27:301
305Neil CumpsteyTrogdor and the Burninators27:324
306Phillipe GarnierOrganic Chemistry Department: Glycoform RC27:322
307Hagan LewismanOxford City Unison B27:374
308R Parnell-TurnerThe Hall B27:383
309Dan MartinImperial College, London B227:444
310James JardellaBath University (Sprint Squad)27:452
311Benjamin GardinerMagdalen College B27:463
312Michael SmetsTempleton College A27:491
313Paul GrimsdaleOxford City Unison D27:513
314Tommas EllenderHigh Voltage27:513
315Mark HaslenMagdalen College A27:511
316Ollie PegdenCorpus Christi College27:513
317Ian WebbOxford University Orienteering Club27:522
318Christopher KindtBear Lame (Lincoln College)27:524
319Remco de KokAOPP A "Scholars"27:534
320Tim CraigHigh Voltage27:534
321Philip PriceThe Reverends27:543
322Andreas NesBalliol College (Jowlett Walk)27:543
323Stuart ReedLSI DTC A27:554
324Hugo MartayMagdalen College B27:571
325Pete GravellOUMPA (Red Team)27:591
326Dan PortUniversity of Portsmouth B28:032
327C DongNuffield College: Ducks28:033
328Robyn LlewellynLincoln College Boat Club28:052
329Richard PerrottTeddy Hall B "The Hall"28:084
330Ben LambertSomerville College A ""Spartacans"28:082
331Kevin KnightsTrogdor and the Burninators28:091
332Joe ChickCorpus Christi College28:094
333Phillipe GarnierOrganic Chemistry Department: Glycoform RC28:124
334Hugo ShelleyOriel College28:141
335Graham FairbairnWadham College "Da Hamstaz" B28:151
336Richard PoganGCHQ28:173
337Peter HumeSt Peter's College Darts Club28:184
338Darren JoliffeSouthampton University Old Boys B28:194
339ChrisOrganic Chemistry Department: Leuanose28:211
340F HoNuffield College: Ducks28:222
341Kevin KnightsTrogdor and the Burninators28:222
342Pete SarkiesWadham College "Da Hamstaz" B28:274
343Daniel EdmondsBrasenose College28:283
344Paul JamesDepartment of Anatomy28:293
345John LuscombeHillingdon AC E28:302
346Ivanhoe LeungOxford University Triathlon28:304
347Dan EmmersonOrganic Chemistry Department: Speedose28:321
348Lord Tom RisingLord Risings Serfs28:322
349Jack WoodingQueens College Boat Club B28:364
350Richard RowleyLinacre College28:374
351Birendra BalakrishnanTrinity College Boat Club A28:381
352Andrew HarwoodHarwell Running Club28:393
353Will HaydockCorpus Christi College28:402
354Ben PetersLSI DTC D28:402
355John ChristopherOxford City Unison C28:404
356James MossSouthampton University Old Boys A28:414
357John WorthHeadington Road Runners B28:452
358Graeme SmithUniversity College London28:462
359Will AtkinsonHeadington Road Runners C28:473
360Chris NeubavekSt Peter's College Darts Club28:472
361Stuart HathawayHeadington Road Runners C28:501
362Oliver CoxLincoln College Boat Club Womens First VIII28:513
363Steve CaswellOxford City Unison C28:553
364Sam GrahamExeter College A (FIT 1)28:554
365Will WholeySt Edmund Hall Boat Club Strokes29:011
366Andreas The GermanOU Chemsoc B - Hamish's Hurricanes29:011
367Tom MoorhouseWild Cru29:024
368Thomas WorthSt Edmund Hall Boat Club Bows29:022
369Andrew HillBear Essential Roadrunners "Stars of Track and Sack"29:022
370Martin SearleHillingdon AC F29:091
371FezLord Risings Serfs29:094
372Christopher OreUniversity of Portsmouth B29:101
373Mike GallagherWhite Horse Harriers29:114
374Francis ClayOxford Brookes University: Polly Dollies29:114
375Sam DeanAOPP B "Gentlemen"29:111
376Jon DickieLady Margaret Hall29:142
377Oli Rees-JonesOUMPA (Red Team)29:174
378Nick ReesInorganic Chemistry29:212
379Ben DavisOrganic Chemistry Department: Speedose29:264
380Lawrence HarrisTrogdor and the Burninators29:283
381Russell ButtardLinacre College29:293
382Hugo MartayMagdalen College "Machines"29:313
383TimMansfield College29:322
384Gary MiramsLSI DTC D29:354
385Mike LavoieSt Edmund Hall Boat Club Strokes29:382
386Alex YouellHillingdon AC E29:391
387Ben HellerKeble College29:392
388Joe ClarkeQueens College "Team Joe"29:421
389Rodger BurnettOxford Brookes University: Polly Dollies29:431
390Anthony KayTeddy Hall B "The Hall"29:451
391Thomas BrennanThe Reverends29:454
392Merv HobbsFat Alberts - Lyneham B29:501
393Gabriel RosserOriel College29:543
394Chze-LingLSI DTC30:002
395Tyler FisherMagdalen College B30:012
396Tom PughExeter College A (FIT 1)30:041
397Rich HammondWadham College "Da Hamstaz" B30:042
398Pete HillSociology30:124
399James SchofieldOxford University Triathlon30:152
400Hugh MortimerAOPP A "Scholars"30:163
401Dan StokeleyLSI DTC B30:183
402Hanno NickauHeadington Road Runners C30:184
403C TwinsonThe Hall B30:192
404Holger KramerOrganic Chemistry Department: Weirdose30:201
405Oscar Martinez-AlvaradoJesus College C30:232
406Thierry MullerGypsies and the Rack30:234
407C DongNuffield College: Cheetahs30:264
408Simon ClarkeSt Peter's College Darts Club30:263
409Dan RowlandsJesus College C30:281
410Miguel Mouranto-GurdoTempleton College A30:294
411Tom BilyardLSI DTC D30:303
412A LeeNuffield College: Ducks30:311
413Remko PrevoThe WIMMPS30:314
414Karl McCulloghDepartment of Anatomy30:344
415B LeeNuffield College: Cheetahs30:353
416Andy MansiHillingdon AC D30:384
417David GavaghanLSI DTC C30:384
418PaulTeddy Hall A30:383
419Paul RichardsonKings College London B30:402
420Captain Hamish StuartOU Chemsoc B - Hamish's Hurricanes30:404
421Alex SolajaOxford City Unison B30:401
422Pier Andrea RandoneKeble College30:401
423Adam DuttonWild Cru30:432
424Nick PortsmouthHarwell Running Club30:444
425Greg MercierUniversity of Portsmouth30:452
426Alex AnimasaunBath University30:502
427Phil WelchHillingdon AC D30:513
428Glyn PritchardTempleton College B30:524
429Clive RodgersAOPP B "Gentlemen"30:534
430Andy LoveridgeWild Cru30:541
431Alex RowleyLSI DTC B30:542
432Vincent ReinaGreen College30:552
433Chem BenOU Chemsoc A - Will's Whirlwinds30:591
434Mark PotterSt Edmund Hall Boat Club Strokes31:003
435Henry WinstanelyLSI DTC C31:012
436Gareth SteedBear Essential Roadrunners "Stars of Track and Sack""31:021
437Ben KeitchOUMPA (Red Team)31:063
438Tim RuyalTempleton College B31:073
439Dan SkippUniversity of Portsmouth B31:153
440Luke StockdaleKeble College31:154
441Richard CallowTeddy Hall C - MCR: Hall Stars31:174
442Chris HurnBear Essential Roadrunners "Stars of Track and Sack"31:223
443Alister FrenchOrganic Chemistry Department: Weirdose31:304
444Jagdish PatelSt Peter's College MCR31:311
445Chris SavoryOxford City Unison B31:412
446Steve HoltOxford City Unison B31:453
447David ScullyMagdalen College31:492
448Erik ChristessenNuffield College: Cheetahs31:492
449Inigo MontesWild Cru31:503
450Nathan TaitTrinity College31:504
451Felipe VillalobosThe Reverends31:512
452Chris LeftleyInorganic Chemistry31:591
453HeikoKeble College32:053
454Steve FisherSociology32:111
455Joe ClarkeQueens College "Team Joe""32:122
456Jo BaileyExeter College A (FIT 1)32:162
457Gareth ThomasAOPP B "Gentlemen""32:203
458Suneale BanerjiThe WIMMPS32:233
459Rob MitchellSt Peter's College32:281
460Rob LoganHeadington Road Runners C32:362
461Cynan HoughtonTeddy Hall C - MCR: Hall Stars32:391
462Jorge EspinosaThe WIMMPS32:501
463Esmail BabaahmadyOxford City Unison C32:522
464Chris WilliamsSommerville College33:001
465Peggy DooresOrganic Chemistry Department: Leuanose33:024
466Peter MansfieldHarwell Running Club33:021
467Chris HindsWadham College MCR33:031
468Steve ClasperThe WIMMPS33:032
469Sam BenjatiOsler House33:074
470Joe ClarkeQueens College "Team Joe"33:143
471Bob BealesHillingdon AC D33:202
472Emre OzcanNuffield College: Pimps33:223
473Mark PulsfordLord Risings Serfs33:383
474Steve SmithOxford City Unison D33:412
475Ricky JohnsonHillingdon AC D33:531
476Soji OduleyeAOPP B "Gentlemen"34:192
477C LeeNuffield College: Speed Freaks34:353
478Tim SearlsSchofield Lab B34:351
479Andrew StumerMagdalen College B34:574
480HenrikOrganic Chemistry Department: Leuanose35:043
481LudoGypsies and the Rack35:053
482Luke BLSI DTC E35:082
483Matt ScanlanUniversity of Portsmouth B35:134
484Steve MLSI DTC E35:394
485Steve FisherSociology35:443
486William HeathMagdalen College35:544
487Foamey WoameyOU Chemsoc A - Will's Whirlwinds35:593
488Christoph ErbenLSI DTC C36:001
489Pierre Octavian StallforthOU Chemsoc B - Hamish's Hurricanes36:062
490Nicolas GranatinoSchofield Lab A36:063
491F SloeNuffield College: Speed Freaks37:294
492Mike McDonoughSchofield Lab B37:353
493Nicky DaviesLord Risings Serfs37:371
494Mad Matt PalframanOU Chemsoc B - Hamish's Hurricanes38:453
495Merry MariannaOU Chemsoc A - Will's Whirlwinds38:512
496James OLSI DTC E40:101
497BobbyLSI DTC40:121
498Ieuan DaviesOrganic Chemistry Department: Leuanose41:432
499Nash ToledoLSI DTC C43:053
500Kevin O'GallagherJesus College C43:084
501Joe ClarkeQueens College "Team Joe"46:024
502Byron Bowden-GrahamOrganic Chemistry Department: Slackose49:414
503Alan ChetwyndTeddy Hall A51:114

Women's Individual Results

1Alison HirstHeadington Road Runners23:021
2Emily CrowleyOxford University23:231
3Kelley WilderNeath Dingo (Headington Road Runners)23:352
4Rachel DeeganSt Hugh's College23:371
5Lucia GibsonOxford University24:132
6Lucy FlannerSt Hilda's College24:281
7Emma PooleyCambridge University Hare and Hounds A24:281
8Claire WilsonBath University24:333
9Sue BaigentHarwell Running Club24:521
10Helen TaylorBristol University24:564
11Nina GriffithUniversity of London A24:562
12Alice BeverlyOxford University25:023
13Gemma MaarsWarwick University A25:032
14Abi ShealsKeble College "Pick and Mix"25:051
15Sarah PartridgeBristol University25:123
16Emma CalderbankUniversity of London A25:153
17Helen BarnesHeadington Road Runners25:272
18Sara Al-KadhimiImperial College, London Mixed25:302
19Sam StewardBristol University25:312
20Claire WillerCambridge University Hare and Hounds A25:313
21Sarah EstillKeble College "Pick and Mix"25:383
22RegisterWorcester College25:443
23Nina GriffithUniversity College London A25:453
24Doris Sant-CassiaUniversity of Portsmouth25:484
25Angharad CareImperial College, London, Mixed26:134
26Sam DaleyWarwick University A26:161
27Laura KyteTrinity College26:171
28Sarah Keay-BrightHeadington Road Runners26:203
29Emma PooleyCambridge University Hare and Hounds B26:283
30Nenna Campbell-PlattUniversity College London A26:322
31Isabel ClarkLincoln College Boat Club Womens First VIII26:334
32Roz LeeWarwick University26:364
33Danielle StewartWarwick University A26:373
34Eve BuglerKeble College "Pick and Mix"26:392
35Sarah WatsonBath University26:483
36Claire DayCambridge University Hare and Hounds A26:552
37Frances BurgeHarwell Running Club27:083
38Jenny GrayWarwick University27:233
39Philippa AukettBristol University27:351
40Fiona BurnieUniversity College London A27:381
41Kelly DolanOsler House28:191
42Rachel HughesSt Hilda's College28:283
43Judith Kleine HolthausTempleton College B28:281
44Sue BaigentNeath Dingo (Headington Road Runners)28:323
45Sara Jane GaffneyWarwick University B28:511
46Carina DaltonTeddy Hall B "The Hall"28:522
47Sian AlexanderHigh Voltage28:542
48Louise BurnieImperial College, London A28:581
49Siobhan TarbuckBath University28:592
50Laura SquireTeddy Hall Women's Rowing Team29:172
51Anna GallagherSt Peter's College29:202
52Maryam ShakibaWarwick University B29:262
53Beth TannerCambridge University Hare and Hounds B29:381
54Caroline CobbPembroke College "The Pride of Pembroke"29:453
55Zoe LundySt John's College29:571
56Maud BarthemlyImperial College, London A29:572
57Zoe BarberTeddy Hall A30:031
58Darcil PhillipsMagdalen College30:131
59Katey SamDepartment of Anatomy30:141
60Lisa NichollsKings College London A30:151
61Josie RaleyThe Three Must-Get-Beers30:192
62Katie DooresOrganic Chemistry Department: Speedose30:192
63Sarah MacknessBristol University30:213
64Abby HarrisonOxford University Triathlon30:241
65Emily MallanTeddy Hall B "The Hall"30:253
66Laura WilsonUniversity College London30:301
67Jenny CresswellSt John's College30:312
68Imogen StaveleyBear Lame (Lincoln College)30:321
69Cathleen O'NeilKings College London A30:353
70Harriet DaviesLinacre College A30:402
71Lucy ScottSt Hugh's College30:553
72Melanie SavageTeddy Hall Women's Rowing Team31:013
73Nina BirleySt Peter's College31:052
74Emily LudwigGreen College31:083
75Helen GroteMagdalen College "Machines"31:114
76Hannah DugdaleLinacre College A31:283
77Jennifer NouNuffield College: Pimps31:321
78Lindsay McGuinnessThe Three Must-Get-Beers31:331
79Jenny AungierLady Magaret Hall: The Tea Ladies31:371
80Kristina ReissBear Essential Roadrunners31:391
81Fiona HunterHarwell Running Club31:412
82Alice WardSt Hugh's College31:532
83Rebecca BellOrganic Chemistry Department: Speedose31:533
84Jennifer HarrisGreen College31:561
85Alice IndOxford University Triathlon31:592
86Natalie WellsLady Magaret Hall: The Tea Ladies32:073
87Delavane DiazLincoln College Boat Club Womens First VIII32:102
88Simona SvobodaMagdalen College "Machines"32:132
89Rowena SmithWarwick University B32:153
90Sinead FordBear Lame (Lincoln College)32:153
91Marcia ReinauerBath University32:161
92Emily ParkerSt Peter's College32:321
93Laura WilsonUniversity College London32:423
94Esther HollowaySt Edmund Hall Girls32:433
95Mathilde BertrandBalliol College (Jowlett Walk)32:434
96Ellie BostonLSI DTC E32:583
97Christina GruslieSt Edmund Hall Girls32:592
98Davina GamblinGypsies and the Rack32:592
99Natalie EvansImperial College, London B (Girls Abound)33:001
100Lis HarvardTempleton College B33:022
101Olivia Blomfield-SmithBear Essential Roadrunners33:103
102Penny SellersOUMPA (Blue Team)33:103
103Leanne KellySchofield Lab A33:181
104Jenny ReidOrganic Chemistry Department: Slackose33:201
105Elizabeth HuntOsler House33:212
106Diana PughBath University33:241
107Emily FlashmanSchofield Lab A33:262
108Gabrielle CastledgeOxford Brookes University: Polly Dollies33:262
109Vivianne CotesOxford Brookes University: Polly Dollies33:323
110Abby HarrisonOxford University Triathlon33:343
111Anna ChomseOUMPA (Blue Team)33:371
112Hilary OntuistleSt Edmund Hall Girls33:451
113Sarrah KayeSommerville College33:552
114Claire BlackburnSt Peter's College33:573
115Katherine VinnicombeCambridge University Hare and Hounds B34:002
116PollyTeddy Hall A34:012
117Kathy BradyKings College London A34:032
118Nadia KershawSchofield Lab B34:242
119Honor HazleriggImperial College, London B (Girls Abound)34:243
120Sally HughesSt Hilda's College34:262
121Cara KrmpotichTeddy Hall C - MCR: Hall Stars34:313
122WeWorcester College34:312
123Rachel PooleOUMPA (Blue Team)34:372
124Agatha SimonBalliol College (Jowlett Walk)34:412
125Georgina WrightMagdalen College34:453
126A BlahNuffield College: Speed Freaks34:462
127CarolaGarlic Mushrooms34:523
128Beth LavenderUniversity of Portsmouth34:521
129Helen FletcherLinacre College A35:021
130Why Didn'tWorcester College35:031
131Emma MorrisUniversity of Portsmouth35:133
132Jane AdrardBear Essential Roadrunners35:272
133Mari TomosTeddy Hall Women's Rowing Team35:401
134Zou LiLondon School of Economics B35:492
135Harriet BallLady Magaret Hall: The Tea Ladies35:542
136Christine ChengNuffield College: Babes35:571
137Katie FisherLSI DTC A36:051
138Laura BuryTrinity College36:093
139Anna ColemanGypsies and the Rack36:141
140Susie RossInorganic Chemistry36:143
141Melanie DaniImperial College, London B (Girls Abound)36:312
142Kate ButtnellLinacre College B36:362
143Sonia ExleyNuffield College: Babes36:462
144Kate StevensUniversity of Portsmouth36:551
145Joanna KeithSt John's College36:563
146Ellie ToppOrganic Chemistry Department: Slackose37:062
147Katherine AllenLSI DTC37:084
148Laura ThomasImperial College, London A37:103
149D BlobNuffield College: Speed Freaks37:101
150Rachel AicherNuffield College: Pimps37:122
151Jeehyun KwagGarlic Mushrooms37:141
152Heidi de WetHigh Voltage37:221
153Laura BoothmanThe Three Must-Get-Beers37:293
154Victoria ProwseNuffield College: Babes38:143
155Clair GoyderOsler House38:223
156Arran KalliDepartment of Anatomy38:422
157Meghan TreleavenLinacre College B38:533
158Lia BrughaSt Peter's College38:534
159Louise O'CampervanUniversity of Portsmouth39:132
160Jo McGouranOrganic Chemistry Department: Slackose39:533
161Laura AshfieldInorganic Chemistry40:054
162Tara WilkinsonSt Peter's College40:113
163Suzy StylesTeddy Hall C - MCR: Hall Stars40:482
164Christina OrphanidouLinacre College B40:491
165Avi AgamLSI DTC41:243
166Katy BeebePembroke College "The Pride of Pembroke"42:221
167Marie SquireOrganic Chemistry Department: Weirdose43:422
168Susan WilkinsonSommerville College44:493
169Fleur KiddGarlic Mushrooms46:292
170Dianna NaSommerville College46:374
171Sarah AllmanOrganic Chemistry Department: Weirdose51:203


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