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Birmingham Reebok Cross-Challenge, Michaelmas 04
Birmingham Reebok Cross-Challenge (30/10/04)
Women's Race

Pos 	Name 		Time
1	Hayley Yelling	22.16
29	Courtney Birch	24.47
43	Alice Beverly	25.44
44	Emily Ferenczi	25.44
57	Kathy Burgoine	26.47
60	Rachel Deegan	27.08
65	Lucy Flanner	27.20
68	Eve Bugler	27.27
69	Abigail Sheals	27.35
70	Kim Sonne	27.43
71	Jessica Leitch	28.00
75	Hannah Kitchen	28.14
76	Elizabeth Butler 28.25
77	Sian Williams	28.28
78	Rachel O'Neill	28.53
80	Rachel Hughes	29.08
84	Nolanne Chang	30.39
85	Kate Bugler	30.52

Men's Race

Pos 	Name 			Time
1	Peter Riley		35.26
19	Ben Moreau		37.40
23	Jonathan Blackledge	37.54
51	Martin Bishop		39.46
53	James Hogan		39.55
54	Luke Walton		40.15
61	Mark Dewhirst		40.30
68	David Bruce		40.53
70	Graham Grant		41.03
84	Christopher Parr	42.27
85	Samuel Rowlands		42.29
88	Ed Catmur		43.20
91	Stephen Granger-Bevan	43.50
93	Ian Hewitt		43.56
94	Henry Alty		44.02
96	Paul Harrison		44.31
98	Ben Clarson		44.49
100	Steve Marshall		44.59
101	Ian Ross		44.59
102	John Richards		45.20
104	David Maas		45.33
107	Robin Spacie		45.59
111	Charlie Sharp		47.09
112	Will Unsworth		47.13
113	Stuart Rutter		47.19
114	Nick Aggelopoulos	47.28
115	Thomas Stevens		47.33
117	Jamie Darling		49.05
118	Michael Hobbiss		49.08
119	Derek Li		49.13
120	Richard Morris		49.24
121	Mark Abrahamson		49.40
125	Patrick Wallace		52.34
126	Vikram Mittal		52.37
127	Ant Brown		53.38
128	Dan MacGowan-von Holstein56.12
129	Ivanhoe Leung		1.01.31


OUCCC set a new club record when it took nearly 65 people to the Reebok Cross Challenge, held at Senneleys Park, Birmingham, on a foggy but mild October morning. We had so many dark blue warriors we had to hire a minibus and a coach! This is really good news in the run-up to Varsity. For some this was their first taste of cross country, and what a baptism of mud! The whole park was saturated by the recent rains and the junior races proceeded to rip up the ground leaving the seniors with a sea of brown to negotiate themselves through. Conditions were bad enough that the first brook crossing was abandoned, having been deemed unsafe. However this still left the second crossing as a major talking point, especially after many of us witnessed most of the U15 girls' race fall in the deeper than expected water. Many of the boys pondered over line, number of steps and exit strategy. Cue quote of the day from Hayley Yelling - "I doesn't matter lads. You're going to get wet whatever." Spot the irony there.

The fog had mostly lifted by the time the senior womens' 6K race started, leaving mild and dry air, but still very wet and muddy ground, contrary to the forecast which promised thunder and lightning. First home for Oxford was Courtney Birch in a great 29th place, although Hatti Dean managed a fantastic 6th place in an Oxford vest, which got us mentioned lots by the commentator. Yay! Courtney was followed by Alice and Emily F, who recorded indentical times.

Unsuprisingly the womens' race had not improved underfoot conditions, so when over 800 men set off for their 10K race, the course was starting to appear distinctly agricultural. Although the results below are for the Reebok Challenge only, both mens' and womens' races were run concurrently with the Birmingham Cross-Country League, ensuring huge fields of local club runners. Stars for Oxford in this event were Captain Moreau and fresher Jonathan Blackledge, who did well in conditions not well suited to his short course speed. They were ably backed up by veteren Wish, fresher Hogan and the much improved Luke Walton, even though he had trouble counting up to four. Although many were unhappy with their races, all did well just to brave the start, which was pretty chaotic, let alone finish the course, which most ranked as amoung the toughest they'd encountered. Particularly well done to all the freshers for whom this was their first race.

Thus a good debut race for the club, even if we had to put our shoes in plastic bags to placate the bus driver on the way home. Somehow I managed to get three pairs of shoes muddy. Some brave souls even made it out again to Pizza Hut, but perhaps this was just to avoid accusations of blocking the shower with mud from their housemates. Right, I'm off to clean my shoes........or maybe work is more appealing.


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