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Shotover Invitational v RAF, Michaelmas 05
Shotover Invitational v RAF (15/10/05)

It's always easy to forget that for a race to happen, a veritable army of officials is needed. This event was no exception, and our thanks go out to: Zoe Barber, Tim Beale, Alice Beverly, Courtney Birch, Martin Bishop, Jonathan Blackledge, Martine Bomb, Kathy Burgoine, Zara Chidoub, Juan Coderch, Jamie Darling, Ben Grandey, Stephen Granger-Bevan, Patrick Grant, Pete Harding, Paul Harrison, Ian Hewitt, James Hogan, M. Howlett, Laura Kyte, Cerys Manning, Philip Marshall, Steve Marshall, Travis Pantin, Chris Parr, Pete Sarkies, Doron Shultziner, Thomas Stevens, Bill Thompson, Paddy Wallace and Al Weaver


The annual RAF Invitation Match - held at Shotover Plain, on the outskirts of Oxford - is a stern opener to the term, with its mix of terrain - ranging from a large undulating wooded section, to a long, flat, grassy stretch to the finish - providing an ideal environment in which to gauge the fitness of Varsity hopefuls.

Basking in the autumn sunshine, Laura Kyte, Lizzie Brathwaite and Emily Crowley started the women’s race with strong intent, striding away from the compact field to assert their advantage on the single lap course - leaving lone RAF challenger, T. Park trailing. The group, stretched by the punishing, winding inclines, began to separate midway through the race. Lizzie eked out a narrow lead over her teammate Emily and then used the final half-mile to pass Laura, who had been leading for much of the race, and bring home the victorious triumvirate.

Newcomer Claire Weldon moved through the field to finish 5th - cementing the team win (the first four finishers score for the team). Reaping the benefits of her preseason endurance training, 400metres Blue, Katie Sam, came 8th - narrowly behind ex-Oxford runner Lucy Flanner - to ensure a top order awash with dark blue. In the men’s race, Oxford’s leading pack of David Bruce, Mark Dewhirst, Martin Bishop and Alan Chetwynd set off around the two lap course to avenge last year’s defeat to the RAF, gathering behind RAF competitors D. Cole and B. Livesey and ex-Blue, Sam Aldridge, until the final lap, when Bruce surged away from his teammates into 2nd place. Struggling to continue the momentum set by their compatriot, Bishop and Dewhirst were forced to settle for 5th and 6th places respectively; their inability to catch the RAF duo setting the scene for a climactic end to the team battle.

As Aldridge, untroubled throughout, eased to 1st place, the tussle for team spoils escalated further down the field: a last gasp sprint from Chetwynd came agonising close to restoring OUCCC’s advantage but his attempt came to no avail, and 8th place, behind the fourth RAF finisher, left the team ruing a chance missed.

SGB ran excellently to place 11th whilst Justin Bronder, fresh from his marathon training, took 15th, leading a group of dark blue comprised of Tom (Richard) Stevens, Chris Millard, Steve Marshall and James Hogan. Henry Alty put in an encouraging performance, finishing 21st.

A banquet fit for a king (prepared by the able teamaking girls Zara and Jess) awaited the tired, hungry competitors at Iffley, who happily gobbled all the cakes and biscuits.

The more industrious committee members sacrificed cakes galore to stay at Shotover and take down the course. Among those that deserve a special mention are: Jon Blackledge, for organising the race and Martin Bishop, Patrick Grant and Dave Harding for minibus driving.

Women's Race:
11 OUCCC: Brathwaite (1), Crowley (2), Kyte (3), Welder (5)
34 RAF: Park (4), Ritchie (9), Roe (10), Meecham (11)

Pos	Time	Name			Club	College
1	19:29	Elizabeth Brathwaite	OUCCC	Mansfield
2	19:33	Emily Crowley		OUCCC	Linacre
3	19:40	Laura Kyte		OUCCC	Trinity
4	19:52	T. Park			RAF
5	19:55	Claire Weldon		OUCCC	St Edmund Hall
6	20:10	Amy Bond		Reading AC
7	20:31	Lucy Flanner		OUCCC	St Hilda's
8	21:27	Katharine Sam		OUCCC	Wadham
9	21:37	T. Ritchie		RAF
10	22:01	J. Roe			RAF
11	22:06	M. Meecham		RAF
12	23:08	E. Wright		RAF
13	24:42	Tracey Finn		Reading AC
14	25:27	Aimee de Gruchy-Lambert	OUCCC	Brasenose

Men's Race
22 RAF: Cole (3), Livesey (4), Sanderson (7), D. Lewis (8)
22 OUCCC: Bruce (2), Bishop (5), Dewhirst (6), Chetwynd (9)
77 Reading AC: Aldridge (1), Bond (24), Munt (25), Jenkins (27)

Pos	Time	Name			Club	College
1	29:29	Sam Aldridge		Reading AC
2	29:45	David Bruce		OUCCC	Lady Margaret Hall
3	29:49	Dave Cole		RAF
4	29:51	B. Livesey		RAF
5	30:16	Martin Bishop		OUCCC	New
6	30:39	Mark Dewhirst		OUCCC	Trinity
7	30:44	D. Sanderson		RAF
8	31:03	D. Lewis		RAF
9	31:03	Alan Chetwynd		OUCCC	St Edmund Hall
10	31:22	T. Fuller		RAF
11	31:46	Stephen Granger-Bevan	OUCCC	Oriel
12	31:57	M. Maxwell		RAF
13	32:11	R. Hughes		RAF
14	32:26	C. Rowland		RAF
15	32:40	Justin Bronder		OUCCC	Exeter
16	32:41	Thomas Stevens		OUCCC	Jesus
17	32:55	Chris Millard 		OUCCC	Lincoln
18	33:04	Steve Marshall		OUCCC	Magdalen
19	33:10	James Hogan		OUCCC	St Edmund Hall
20	33:13	J. Siddens		RAF
21	33:15	Henry Alty		OUCCC	Worcester
22	33:19	Peter Sarkies		OUCCC	Wadham
23	33:32	Doron Shultziner	OUCCC	Lincoln
24	33:38	Steve Bond		Reading AC
25	33:49	Tom Munt		Reading AC
26	33:58	Dave Gavaghan		OUCCC	New
27	34:07	Pete Jenkins		Reading AC
28	34:11	Simon Harding		OUCCC	St Catherine's
29	34:12	Andy Young		Reading AC
30	34:24	Mike Proven		Reading AC
31	34:27	Tom Lawson		OUCCC	Queen's
32	34:46	Ian Ross		OUCCC	Brasenose
33	34:55	Darren Lewis		Reading AC
34	35:02	Will Devonish		Exeter Uni AC / Oxford City AC
35	35:09	Gavin Dalton		RAF
36	35:25	Christopher Dowden	OUCCC	Merton
37	35:28	Mark Griffins		Reading AC
38	35:42	Jonathan Marshall	OUCCC	St Hugh's
39	35:48	William Unsworth	OUCCC	St Edmund Hall
40	35:48	Dave Rochester		Reading AC
41	36:33	Jonathan Boyd		Reading AC
42	37:03	Pete Golding		RAF
43	37:59	Edward Archibald	OUCCC	Magdalen
45	38:03	Jamie Darling		OUCCC	St John's
45	38:04	Richard Dobell		OUCCC	Brasenose
46	38:08	Alex Chidgley		Reading AC
47	38:10	James Finnigan		Kidlington
48	38:31	Sebastien Poirier	Reading AC
49	41:54	Cyrus Mower		Kidlington
50	42:05	Wiz Bruce (V50)		Kidlington
51	43:44	Brian Fiddian (V50)	Kidlington
52	44:06	John Warnock (V50)	Kidlington
53	44:12	Mike Jones		Kidlington
54	47:06	Tony Chambers		Kidlington
55	47:46	Benjamin Grandey	OUCCC	St John's
56	49:28	Michael Search (V50)	Kidlington
57	49:43	Trevor Langrish (V50)	Kidlington


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