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Blues Varsity, Wimbledon Common, Michaelmas 07
Blues Varsity, Wimbledon Common (01/12/07)

Women (4 to score)

Pos 	Name 		Team		Time
1	Courtney Birch	Oxford		24:24
2	Anna Anderson	Cambridge	24:34
3	Cathy Ansell	Oxford		24:38
4	Jess Leitch	Oxford		24:56
5	Alison Crocker	Oxford		25:01
6	Lucia Gibson	Oxford		25:03
7	Emily Crowley	Oxford		25:31
8	Laura Spence	Cambridge	25:39
9	Angharad Porteous Cambridge	26:16
10	Polly Keen	Cambridge	26:52
11	Harriet Owles	Cambridge	27:18
12	Stella Deakin	Cambridge	27:50

Oxford win Women's Blues, 13-29

Men (6 to score)
Pos 	Name 		Team		Time
1	Paulo Natali	Cambridge	39:06
2	Ian Kimpton	Oxford		39:19
3	James Kelly	Cambridge	39:25
4	Owain Bristow	Cambridge	39:29
5	Richard Franzese Oxford		39:45
6	Dave Bruce	Oxford		40:01
7	Matt Armstrong	Cambridge	40:17
8	Matt Grant	Cambridge	40:46
9	Matt Clark	Cambridge	40:54
10	Joe Mercer	Oxford		41:08
11	Nick Howarth	Oxford		41:35
12	David Yu	Cambridge	41:40
13	Garrett Ash	Oxford		41:55
14	Tom Douglas	Oxford		42:06
15	Scott Knackstedt Cambridge	43:03
16	Jonny Pearson	Oxford		43:45

Cambridge win Men's Blues, 32-47

Old Blues Race (10 to score)
Pos	Score	Name		Team		Time
1	1	Martin Bishop	Oxford		21:38
2	2	Nick Altmann	Cambridge	21:42
3	3	Richard Hewitt	Cambridge	22:30
4	Guest	Matt Sims	Oxford		22:33
5	4	Alex MacIntosh	Cambridge	22:39
6	Guest	Nat Erb-Satullo	Cambridge	22:49
7	Guest	Will Podley	Oxford		22:54
8	5	Chris Daniels	Oxford		23:07
9	Guest	Nick Juravich	Oxford		23:15
10	6	Steven Granger-Bevan Oxford	23:19
11	7	David Barker	Cambridge	23:28
12	Guest	Richard Mathie	Cambridge	23:35
13	Guest	Aiden Brown	Cambridge	23:39
14	8	Simon Molden	Oxford		23:41
15	Guest	Jamie Darling	Oxford		23:47
16	Guest	Olly Hughes	Oxford		24:00
17	Guest	Liam Richardson	Cambridge	24:20
18	9	Anthony Doolittle Oxford	24:35
19	Guest	Katy Moore	Oxford		25:02
20	10	Andy Robinson	Oxford		25:14
21	Guest	Oliver Jardine	Cambridge	25:19
22	Guest	James Gill	Cambridge	25:24
23	Guest	Ben Shields	Cambridge	25:46
24	Guest	Martin Bell	Oxford		25:51
25	11	David Kirk	Oxford		25:57
26	Guest	Simon Giusert	Cambridge	26:13
27	12	Emily Ferenzi	Oxford		26:16
28	Guest	Rachel Deegan	Oxford		26:28
29	Guest	Aiden Riley	Cambridge	27:00
30	13	Claire Day	Cambridge	27:01
31	14	Henk Altmann	Oxford		27:22
32	Guest	Laura Kyte	Oxford		27:33
33	15	Jason Clark	Cambridge	27:55
34	Guest	Alex Fraser	Cambridge	28:18
35	Guest	Nathan Evans	Cambridge	28:26
36	Guest	Philip Scard	Cambridge	32:23
37	16	Simon Rutherford Cambridge	32:30
38	17	Cathy Wood	Cambridge	33:53
39	18	Alice Tozer	Cambridge	33:54
40	19	David Jenkins	Cambridge	34:32
41		Emma Figures	Cambridge	36:16
42	Guest	Mark Coley	Cambridge	36:32
43	21	John Bryant	Oxford		39:27

Oxford win Old Blues, 97-114

Report - Bryn Reynolds and Laura Kyte

Despite being pre-race favourites, particularly in the light of a depleted Cambridge team, Oxford's women- led by Captain Cathy Ansell, Courtney Birch, Ali Crocker, Lucia Gibson, Jess Leitch and Emily Crowley, a team of girls all familiar with the Wimbledon course- set out conservatively, tucking in behind the two leading Cambridge Blues. There is no cross-country race that is run more like a team race than Varsity, and the girls showed an excellent display of team running from start to finish. Still packed tightly together through the water jump and up the first climb, it was then Cathy Ansell and Courtney Birch who took the initiative and broke away from the second group along with Jess Leitch, leaving only Cambridge's Anna Anderson between the three Oxford girls. Close behind, Lucia Gibson had edged slightly ahead of Ali Crocker, with Emily Crowley not far in their wake...but already the Tabs were no-where to be seen.

All was going to plan as the lead group continued to break away, now leaving Birch, Ansell and Anderson in a fight for the medals. Things looked on target for an Oxford one-two, but there was a moment of panic as Oxford's captain took the wrong route, unaided by marshalls, and was forced to catch back up, which she did admirably, and to spectators, concerned by rumours that someone had gone the wrong way, it was as though nothing had happened. This unexpected burst of energy was inevitably felt by Ansell as she came into the run for home, just failing to catch back Anderson who held on for second behind an elated Birch, for whom this was her second Varsity victory. Jess Leitch, clearly in the form of her life, held on comfortably to 4th place, producing an incredibly strong run, and just behind a real battle took place in the last 200m between Ali Crocker and Lucia Gibson, who had worked together all throughout the race, with Crocker's final kick giving her the edge to propel her into 5th place. Emily Crowley proved she can always be counted on for a solid performance, despite a horrible bout of illness during the week, and finished a respectable 7th place, sealing one of the most convincing women's Blues victories in Varsity history.

Following the loss of Oxford legends Ben Moreau and Jonathon Blackledge from previous years this year was always going to be a tough race but the menís team showed their mettle with a fine performance from one of the youngest teams in recent history. The highly rated Cambridge trio of Bristow, Natali and Kelly set a fast pace from the start but Bruce, Kimpton and Franzese went with them. Further back the Tabs fast start had them in a prominent position early on with Nick Howarth staying with them and Joe Mercer attempting to bridge the gap with Ash, Douglas and Pearson opting for more conservative starts to the race whilst still staying in contact. The Cambridge trio upfront continued to push the pace until finally Natali broke clear and the pack of 6 disintegrated with Kimpton forging on and pulling clear of the two chasing for Cambridge whilst Franzese and Bruce were left slightly behind but putting in constant effort in case the Cambridge lads let up in the slightest. Howarth had succeeded in closing down on one of the tabs but a strong mid-race surge by Armstrong pulled him clear with Howarth then being isolated until Mercer caught him with mercer looking stronger the longer the race went on. Ash was left chasing Yu but was just unable to reel him in despite having played to his strengths and running the second half of the race powerfully with Douglas shortly behind. Unfortunately Oxford were unable to match Cambridge this year in the menís race, but the signs are looking extremely promising for next year with all of this team bar Douglas and Bruce in their first or second race ever for the Blues. Ian Kimptonís second place was a fantastic run and demonstrated perfectly the importance of getting it right on the day, storming past early season performers Bristow and Kelly. Franzeseís return to the Blues after a year out injured is a great boon and he looks set to continue his return to the form that took him to 14th in the world junior trials. Garret Ash, Nick Howarth and Jonny Pearson raced their hearts out in their Bluesí debuts and the experience will undoubtedly inspire them to victory next year. Mercer after illness last year showed his true calibre and Douglas returned to his familiar hunting ground with an excellent performance. Bruce remains the glue that holds the team together despite the loss of previous stars with a strong race despite having knee trouble in the weeks leading up to this race. We now look forward to revenge at BUSA XC, and with the potential to introduce Moreau, Blackledge and Bishop to the team, Cambridge will undoubtedly be running scared.


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