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OUAC vs Other Universities, Trinity 00
OUAC vs Other Universities (06/05/00)

Event		Name		Posn	Time (approx!)

800m (men)	Billy Whizz	1st	1:55.6
800m (men)	Laurence Chandy	2nd	1:57.6
800m (men)	Steve Whitelam	3rd	1:58.8
800m (men)	Sam Aldridge	4th	2:01
800m (men)	Alex Miller	7th	2:04
1500m (men)	Matt Barnes	1st	4:10
1500m (men)	Steve Whitelam	2nd	4:11
1500m (men)	Evan Fountain	3rd	4:12
3000m s/c (men)	Nick Talbot	1st	9:17
3000m s/c (men)	Gerry Clancy	2nd	10:15
3000m s/c (men)	Jim Hancock	3rd	11:00
5000m (men)	Nick Talbot	1st	15:40
5000m (men)	Andrew Fargus	2nd	16:00
5000m (men)	Steve Watterson	3rd	16:15
5000m (men)	Martin Bishop	3rd	16:35
1500m (women)	Emilie Giles	1st	4:55
1500m (women)	Caroline Miller	3rd	5:10
5000m (women)	Sian Williams	1st	20:40
5000m (women)	Candice Contet	2nd	21:15
5000m (women)	Kathy Stone	3rd	22:15


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