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Champion Miler Series, Trinity 04
Champion Miler Series (8th Week TT04)

Champion Miler Series Race 1 - The Magdalen Mile (14/06/04)

Pos	Name		College		Time
1	Sam Aldridge	Exeter		4.26
2	Ben Moreau	Wadham		4.49
3	Martin Bishop	New		4.53
4	Phil Killingley	Balliol		4.53
5	Ed Catmur	Jesus		4.54
6	Steve Marshall	Magdalen	4.57
7	Rob Lawton	Queens		5.09
8	Jamie Darling	St. John's	5.09
9	Nick Aggelopoulos  Magdalen	5.11
10	Quentin Croft	St. Peter's	5.13
11	Franco Woolfe	St. Peter's	5.14
12	Aly Rowell	University	5.17
13	Zoe Barber	Teddy Hall	5.34
14	Katherine Sam	Wadham		6.48
15	Vicky Gardner	Magdalen	7.05
16	Melanie Blewett	Magdalen	7.06

Aly Rowell takes women's prize.
Rob Lawton wins sprinter's green jersey for first to 400m.

The first round of this year's OUCCC Champion Miler Series was held round Addison's Walk in Magdalen College. Despite the name and the extra bits added on to make the race a bit longer, it was actually about 1300m, rather than a full mile, hence the large numbers of OUAC "athletes" who turned out! The race was convincingly won by Sam Aldridge, with Aly Rowell taking the women's prize. Ben, Phil and Wish managed to make a timely diversion from their training run to finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

First to 400m (or more technically, the tree with the branch which hangs over the path, held up by a big metal support) was OUAC's Rob Lawton, who afterwards confessed that the race had nearly doubled his weekly mileage! At the moment Wadham, Magdalen and St Peter's are battling out for the college lead. The hill mile on Wednesday promises to continue the OUAC / OUCCC battle with more tracksters due to turn up to battle it out for the Kings of the Mountains title.


Champion Miler Series Race 2 - Mountain Mile (16/06/04)

Pos	Name			College		Time
1	Sam Aldridge		Exeter		4.26
2	Ben Moreau		Wadham		4.39
3	Phil Killingley		Balliol		4.47
4	Martin Bishop		New		4.47
5	Nick Radford		Queens		4.53
6	Steve Marshall		Magdalen	4.59
7	Rob Lawton		Queens		5.00
8	Ed Catmur		Jesus		5.03
9	Chris Burin		Pembroke	5.03
10	Sean Buckeridge		LMH		5.03
11	Stephen Granger-Bevan	Oriel		5.04
12	Alastair Burgess	Linacre		5.14
13	Dan Johnson		Magdalen	5.31
14	Franco Woolfe		St. Peter's	5.32
15	Aly Rowell		University	5.32
16	Lucy Flanner		St. Hilda's	5.36
17	Zoe Barber		Teddy Hall	5.53
18	Katy Sam		Wadham		6.08

Aly Rowell takes women's prize again.

King of the Mountain

Pos 	Name 			College
1	Rob Lawton		Queens
2	Sam Aldridge		Exeter
3	Alastair Burgess	Linacre

Queen of the Mountain
Pos 	Name 		College
1	Zoe Barber	St. Edmund's Hall
2	Lucy Flanner	St. Hilda's
3	Aly Rowell	University

Well done to all our champion milers who raced took the "Hill Mile" in their stride. The distance boys turned up, having done a good 10 miles earlier, determined to battle it out with the Big Fat boys of OUAC... They do however insist that the fattest big boy of them all (I think this was a compliment!) Mr. Steve MaCaulhy might make an appearance on Friday in order to claim the 1st to 15 metres prize... I think Toleme should be worried.

Sam and Aly easily won their races again, with Rob claiming King of the Mountain, and Zoe was Queen. This now means they Sam/Aly are entitled to wear Tour de France style yellow jerseys on Friday's race, whilst I expect Zoe and Rob in red polka-dot jerseys, with Rob also entitled to wear green (for winning Monday's sprint prize). I'm sure they will be most fetching.

There were also good performances from fast-improving Steve Marshall, and Lucy Flanner, but the prize for hidden slow-twitch talent goes to Sean Buckeridge (100/200m runner) who wasnt far behind Rob and Ed Catmur. Leave the fairies behind Bucko, and join OUCCC! Alistair Burgess and Rob also impressed, but the as course was probably only 1200m, will they be able to sustain their speed over another lap on Friday?..

Nick "I used to run x-country" Radford ran catching Will and Phishup (or is that Phish and Willup?), but was unable to narrow the gap due to the weight of his abs, despite their crazy, rather camp dance/act as these two inseparable love birds approached the finish line, hand-in-hand. At the moment OUCCC remain in the lead, but is the lure of the nice flat track enough to bring down the OUAC masseeef in force???! Will Queens manage to beat Wadham, Magdalen and Exeter? You'll have to turn up at 6pm on Friday to see!


Champion Miler Series Race 3 - Handicap Track Mile (18/06/04)

Pos	Name		College		First Lap	Time
1	Sam Aldridge	Exeter		1.07		4.34
2=	Nick Radford	Queens		56		5.07
2=	Steve Marshall	Magdalen	1.16		5.07
4	Tom Douglas	Balliol		1.14		5.08
5	Nick Aggelopoulos  Magdalen	1.18		5.14
6	Ed Catmur	Jesus		1.15		5.15
7	Andrew Lorent	Queens		1.18		5.17
8	Rob Lawton	Queens		54		5.44
9	Dan Johnson	Magdalen	1.18		6.00
10	Zoe Barber	Teddy Hall	1.26		6.08
11	Ivanhoe Leung	St. Peter's	1.28		6.15
12	Richard Baderin	LMH		1.14		6.20
13	Katy Sam	Wadham		1.26		6.24

Zoe Barber wins women's race.
Rob Lawton wins first to 400m.

I have travelled many miles, and seen many strange and wondrous things, but the look on Bad Boy's face as he crossed the line after 1609 metres of slow-twitchness, wearing nothing but women's training tights and a pair of skater-boy shoes that must have weighed a couple of kilos, was beyond anything I have ever seen!

Well done to everyone who turned up for the last of the Champion Miler Series at Iffley Road on Friday. Sam and Zoe won their miles, with Nick Radford (who beat my PB, damn you!) and Steve Marshall tied in 2nd place, and Tom Douglas in massively baggy shorts close behind.

Rob won his final sprint title in 54 secs, with Nick only 2 seconds behind him. I think the additional 9 metres upset them greatly though.

Wicked race, beer and chocolate prizes for the winners - sorry Ben, Wish/Phil and Aly that you weren't there to claim yours. Sam probably ate them all.


Overall Results

Overall Individual Results

Pos 	Name 			College 	Points
1	Sam Aldridge		Exeter		48
2	Rob Lawton		Queens		33
3	Ed Catmur		Jesus		23.5
4=	Ben Moreau		Wadham		22
4=	Steve Marshall		Magdalen	22
6	Nick Radford		Queens		21.5
7=	Martin Bishop		News		20
7=	Phil Killingley		Balliol		20
9	Zoe Barber		Teddy Hall	13
10	Aly Rowell		University	12.5
11	Nick Aggelopoulos	Magdalen	10
12	Alastair Burgess	Linacre		8.5
13	Tom Douglas		Balliol		8
14	Katy Sam		Wadham		7
15	Chris Burin		Pembroke	6
16=	Sean Buckeridge		LMH		5
16=	Dan Johnson		Magdalen	5
16=	Andy Lorent		Queens		5
19	Lucy Flanner		St. Hilda's	4.5
20=	Jamie Darling		St. John's	4
20=	Stephen Granger-Bevan	Oriel		4
22=	Franco Woolfe		St. Peter's	2
22=	Vicky Gardner		Magdalen	2
22=	Quentin Croft		St. Peter's	2
25=	Melanie Blewett		Magdalen	1
25=	Richard Baderin		LMH		1

Overall College Results

Pos 	College 	Points
1	Queens		59.5
2	Exeter		48
3	Magdalen	40
4	Wadham		29
5	Balliol		28
6	Jesus		23.5
7	New		20
8	Teddy Hall	13
9	University	12.5
10	Linacre		8.5
11=	Pembroke	6
11=	LMH		6
13	St. Hilda's	4.5
14=	Oriel		4
14=	St. John's	4
14=	St. Peter's	4


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