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County Championships, Trinity 05
County Championships (14/05/05)

Braving high winds around the track (on the home straight, as Sod would have it), the OUCCC made its mark. Well done to all those who took part, especially since most of them had the Town & Gown 10k to look forward to the next day!


5000m Races
Position		Name 		Time
1st U20 Woman 		Laura Kyte 	18.27.0
1st U20 (8th Overall) 	Andreas Stradis 17.54.7

3000m Men's Steeplechase
Position 	Name 	Time
1st Senior Man 	David Bruce 	10.19.4
2nd Senior Man 	Alan Chetwynd 	10.31.7
3rd Senior Man 	Stephen Granger-Bevan 	10.34.0

800m Men's Race
Position 	Name 		Time
1st Senior Man 	Chris Parr 	1.55.9
3rd Senior Man 	David Bruce 	1.57.2

800m Women's Race
Position 		Name 	Time
2nd U20 Woman 		Rachel Deegan 	2.20.2
1st Senior Woman 	Eve Bulger 	2.21.4
2nd Senior Woman 	Natalie Coleman 2.25.6
3rd Senior Woman 	Zoe Barber 	2.25.7


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