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Town & Gown 10k Road Race, Trinity 05
Town & Gown 10k Road Race (15/05/05)

Pos 	Name 		Time
13 	E. Catmur 	34.33
25 	C. Millard 	35.59
26 	G. Hope 	36.03
29 	H. Alty 	36.05
35 	L. McNeill 	36.27
36 	T. Stevens 	36.28
55 	C. Basten 	37.15
59 	S. Harding 	37.27
70 	R. Spacie 	37.46
81 	A. Stradis 	38.09
85 	P. Wallace 	38.14
96 	V. Mittal 	38.45
120 	D. Li 		39.18
141 	L. Kyte 	39.55
189 	S. Marshall 	40.59
308 	M. Abrahamson 	42.59


The annual 10k Town & Gown race took place on a glorious Sunday on 15th May 2005. The temperature was already 17 degrees in the morning, and it became swealtering later on. Congratulations to all those who raised money too - the race is traditionally light-hearted, its main aim being to raise money for those suffering from muscular dystrophy (where muscle tissue is constantly depleted and unable to be regenerated).

This year, a new 'chip system' was introduced, whereby runners attached a small device to their shoe which began timing as they crossed the start line and stopped automatically at the finish. This meant that there was no pressure to crush forwards at the start, since wherever you were in the pack, your time was not affected.

Crowds lined the streets of Oxford as the race looped through the city centre, then back through the University Parks for a spectacular finish by the Pavilion in the centre. A special well-done to the OUCCC members who had raced the day before...nothing like a 10k 'stretch o the legs'!


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