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Match Report - OUCCC vs United Oxford Hospitals at Manny Rd, Sunday 08 July 2007

Hospitals won the toss and elected to field.

OUCCC innings:

Gawley          lbw         15
Fox             bowled      11
Dipayan         caught     111
Rahman          caught      35
Wrobel          caught      29
P.-Bouverie     bowled      18
Adcock          bowled       3
Iqbal           caught       2
Fraser          not out     21
Hartin          stumped      1
Howells         not out      5

Extras                      15
Total: 266 for 9 from 40 overs

Fall of wickets:
27, 39, 108, 200, 229, 233, 237, 239, 251

UOH innings:

Ferris          bowled       Adcock         7
Costain         bowled       P.-Bouverie   47
Selvaraj        ct (Hartin)  P.-Bouverie   46
Venables        c&b          Fraser        53
Flowers         ct (Gawley)  Fraser        16
Francis         lbw          Hartin         0
Angrish         bowled       Hartin        24
Grey            bowled       Fraser         3
Hogg            bowled       Fraser         2
Franklin        bowled       Howells        7
Bawdry          not out                     0

Extras                                     36
Total: 243 for 10 from 38 overs

Fall of wickets:
22, 90, 170, 194, 199, 209, 217, 235, 237, 243

Howells       6  0  30  1
Adcock        3  0  33  0
Iqbal         6  0  41  0
P.-Bouverie   8  0  45  2
Dipayan       1  0  15  0
Hartin        8  0  40  2
Fraser        6  1  19  4

Result:  OUCCC won by 23 runs

Our innings:

Looking ahead to the weekend, it has become tradition to consult the
BBC weather forecast.  And it looked, yet again, that the BBC would
give the kiss-of-death to our weekend's cricket by forecasting "mostly
sunny" weather for Saturday and Sunday.  But, unlike so many times
this "summer," there was to be no disappointment: indeed the weather
was actually sunny, bordering on down right hot.

Despite the baking weather prevalent for the previous two days, the
covers over the pitch had in fact acted to prevent the pitch, drenched
after torrential downpours during the week, from drying out.  So that
we were faced with a still slightly-damp wicket upon removing the
covers prior to the match.

After losing the toss, the opposition captain fancied his bowlers
making use of the literally sticky wicket and chose to field first.  I
opened with Simon and, early on, we were able to keep out the better
balls while scoring at a reasonable rate off the odd bad ball.  Simon
eventually had a corker of a ball the swung and moved off the seam and
was out bowled.  I was out a few overs later attempting to play across
the line to a straight ball which hit me on the boot: plumb lbw.

After this opening stanza, Tanzil and Dipayan took to the crease.
With the best of the bowling almost over, they were able to accelerate
the scoring rate.  Perhaps due to a combination of the pitch drying
out, and, the bowlers slightly tiring in the weather, runs were coming
freely.  Tanzil eventually holed out just before drinks: but with the
score a healthy 108 for 3 we were hardly in trouble.  After drinks,
Dipayan continued where he left off.  Gradually passing his half
century, and pushing further on.  Tom provided great support, and,
although the pairing of Wrobel and Das could hardly be described as
Manny Road's speediest between the wickets, the supply of boundaries
was not in short supply.  Tom indeed managed a big six to "cow corner"
albeit being helped over the line by an unwitting fielder.

Tom eventually was caught (by the same fielder who had dropped him
twice previously) for a very useful 29.  Barty came to the crease and
was determined to keep the scoring rate flowing.  Dipayan, at the
other end, heeded the call and proceeded to hit 20+ runs off two
consecutive overs.  In doing so, he notched up yet another century for
Manny Rd: the archivists will no doubt need to investigate the record
number of centuries in a summer for Manfield Road.

At the other end, Barty survived an early chance and went on to hit 18
runs before attempting one lofted shot too many and was out bowled.
Tom, taking his place at the crease, immediately found his timing;
hitting three runs and was looking good.  Unfortunately he copped a
ball that kept low and, and is often the case with grubbers, was
pitched on middle stump.  Aman and Tony also had some bad luck,
falling for one and two respectively.

Some excellent death batting by Manny Rd debutant, Alistair, saw him
add 21 to the score -- including an enormous down-the-ground six that
almost made it on to the Balliol pitch -- off just eight balls.
Ruairidh's cameo of five runs from two balls kept the momentum.

With our final total standing at 266, we were confident that this
would defendable.

Tea report:

Yet another successful implementation of the tea-in-the-club policy in
place this summer.  This time I even remembered to bring milk for the
tea.  A solid 8.5 / 10.

Their innings:

An afternoon of sun had dried out the pitch somewhat.  And, by now, it
was offering very little at all for the bowlers.  So the Hospitals
immediately took advantage: their openers were hitting out right from
the start.  An excellent ball from Tom in the forth over to remove one
of their openers did nothing to stem the tide of runs.  And before
long, the run rate was well above the required 6.5: at one point it
was nudging double figures.

Eventually we were able to some what slow dowin the scoring rate.  But
it wasn't until the introduction of Barty and his finger spin, that we
had another breakthrough.  But, with the score over 150 for 2 at
drinks, there was still a lot of work to be done.  A critical spell
after drinks, with Barty tying down one end and Tony bowing medium
pace from the other, turned out to be critical.  Wickets started
falling: one more to Barty and two for Tony.

With the batsmen still finding the middle from time to time -- and it
was enough given the plethora of runs that had come before -- the
match was still in the balance.  However, some tight bowling from
Alistair from the Pharmacology end, saw yet more wickets fall and the
match slowly by surely turn in our favour.  Ruairidh chimed in with a
wicket from the Balliol end to finish off the match.

In the end, the Hospitals side fell just 23 runs short.  A good fight
back from Manny Rd saw us pick up our third win on the trot.