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Match Report - OUCCC vs Oxenford at Mansfield Road, Sunday 3 June, 2007

OUCCC won the toss and elected to bat

OUCCC innings:

Gawley        run out     52
Dines         bowled       0
Vasudevan     caught       8
Rahman        bowled       0
Dipayan       run out     50
Iqbal         l.b.w.      39
Diganta       run out      1
Adcock        not out     28
Booth         bowled       0
Howells       bowled       2
Barker        not out      0

Extras                    40
Total:  221 for 9 (40 overs)

Switfly     8  2  17  3
Hayward     5  0  18  1
Matt        5  0  43  0
Owen        7  0  21  0
Bastable    5  1  29  0
Yaqoob      3  0  21  0
Malcolm     2  0  22  1
Glenn       3  0  28  1
Hamp        1  0   5  1

Oxenford innings:

Malcolm      caught (Adcock)  Howells     4
Bastable     bowled           Booth       4
Hamp         bowled           Booth      17
C.-Burnett   bowled           Barker     18
Barrett      bowled           Booth       0
Terry        bowled           Diganta    29
Hayward      bowled           Diganta    12
Owen         caught (Gawley)  Diganta     7
Swiftly      bowled           Iqbal       4
Glenn        caught (Gawley)  Diganta     4
Wilding      not out                      0

Extras                                   18
Total: all out for 120 (31.5 overs)

Booth      7    1  21  3
Howells    6    3   8  1
Adcock     4    0  33  0
Barker     8    1  24  1
Diganta    5.1  0  23  4
Iqbal      1    0   1  1

OUCCC won by 101 runs.

Match report:

Our innings:

If a week is a long time in politics, four weeks in summer with no
cricket borders on a lifetime.  So, with no OUCCC cricket for the
whole of May, many hearts were relived with the sight of not only
perfect weather, but also an opposition ready, willing, and able to

Inspecting the wicket at Mansfield road it looked like it would play
reasonably well.  With the sun beating down, and, with the opposition
struggling with a chase the day before, I decided to bat first.  It
took only the first two overs to realise that, despite the hot and dry
conditions, there was plenty of life in the pitch.  Both opening
bowlers -- and particularly the left armer -- were getting good, late,
swing on the ball.  This, mixed in with the odd ball jagging back off
the seam, provided very tricky conditions indeed at the start of the
innings.  It didn't take long for the good bowling to produce results.
Dines, Vasudevan and Rahman all offered stout resistance, but fell to
absolute jaffas.  So, after the first dozen overs, the score card was
looking rather worrying; 25 for 3.

As happens so often at Manny Rd, it was a debutant, in this case
Dipayan, who came to the rescue.  Some magnificent stroke play --
including one enormous six down the ground (luckily not breaking the
glass in the Pharmacology building) -- saw the anaemic total grow
rapidly.  It wasn't until perhaps distracted by a LBW shout that
Dipayan was stranded out of his crease and was out.  But not before
scoring a much-needed half-century.  His wicket brought Aman to the
crease.  After a slow start, Aman decided to switch bats.  And,
perhaps the opposition may want to have a closer look at the bat he
took on.  Because after the change, Aman took off from exactly where
Dipayan left off: smashing the ball to, and over, the boundary.

When Aman was eventually out LBW to a Phil Glenn yorker, the total was
already past 170 and there were still plenty of overs to come.
Diganta looked good early, but, was run out -- just -- attempting to
push a second run.  Tom Adcock then came to the crease.  Despite having
helmet-related difficulties calling and batting at the same time, he
luckily concentrated on the latter.  Fierce batting saw the total now
push over the psychological 200-barrier.

A distinct lack of pace saw me run-out at this point, bringing Martin
to the crease.  Unfortunately, just in time for the return of the
opening left-arm bowler.  Ruairidh provided some stout resistance,
however was out bowled with one ball remaining.  This brought Elton,
doing his best Rick McCosker impression by batting with three stitches
in his forehead, to the crease to face the last ball on the innings.
Nought not out was the result.

The Tea:

Sunday marked the dawn of a new Tea Era at Manny road.  After last
summer's highly controversial non-tea teas, change is afoot this year.
After protracted negotiations, at the highest level, Tea -- brought in
by club members -- is now able to be taken in the club itself.  And
the first instance of this new policy was very successful indeed.

The idea is for selected members of the team to organise to bring in
the teas on a rotational basis.  And as Sunday was the first match
under these circumstances, the committee members decided to get the
ball rolling.  So thank-yous go to Martin and Elton for helping out in
this regard.

Score:  a solid 8/10.

Their innings:

Facing a very short boundary on the club-side, it was Martin who
opened the bowling from the tricky Balloil end.  The ball was swinging
immediately and the Oxenford openers were looking (almost) as
uncomfortable as the Manny Rd openers.  Ruairidh took the ball from
the Pharmacology end and straight away found a nice line and length
nagging away outside off-stump.

It didn't take long for the wickets to fall; Martin striking in the
second over clean bowling an opener.  Ruairidh had his wicket several
overs later thanks to an absolutely cracking catch by Tom in the
gully.  Rounding out his spell superbly, Martin took two more wickets
in his seventh over -- both bowled.  These wickets saw Oxenford
regulars, and usual upper order batsmen, Sean Terry and Nick CB settle
in at the crease.  It took precise and accurate bowling from Elton
(bowled Nick CB) and Diganta (bowled Sean) to get the breakthroughs.
Diganta -- continuing his excellent spell -- ran through the next
couple of wickets.  Aman, in a great cameo spell of one over, took an
important wicket and ended with figures of one for one.

Right at the end -- with victory close -- came the sight of two of
Oxenford's biggest hitters: Phil Glenn and Andy Wilding.  Phil was
carrying a knee injury, but still looked more than capable of hitting 
the 10-an-over required.  Thanks to some nice bowling from Diganta, Phil
was out, caught, for just four.  And the match was over:  a confidence 
inspiring win of 100 runs to mark the first match of the summer at Manny