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Match Report - OUCCC vs Brightwell-cum-Sotwell CC Away, Sunday 26 August 2007

For a nice occasional change we played outside of Oxford, making the 
trek down to BcS.  The ground could be described as quaint, and the 
pitch was a typical village affair:  uncovered and teeming with 

I lost the toss and hence we were sent in to the field.  In rare hot 
conditions early movement of the ball from Ruairidh and Elton tied down 
the batsmen.  We made some early breakthroughs but then the batsmen shut 
up shot.  We finally went to drinks with the score two for not many. 
After drinks Adcock, after bowling his first no ball ever in a match, 
decided that he liked the umpires call so much that he proceeded to bowl 
quite a few more.  But then settled his run up to make the breakthrough.

More excellent bowling followed keeping the scoring down, and wickets 
were also falling at a regular rate.  In the end Ruairidh who was on for 
his second spell ended up with his first five wicket haul for Mansfield 
Road.  At tea the opposition were 139 for 7 and, as it was a Sunday 
friendly, decided to declare.

The tea was a typical village affair:  the WAGs had prepared an 
excellent spread.  Some particularly good sandwiches were buttressed 
with chocolate cake and an unusual strawberry / chocolate cake 
combination.  A am proud however to say that there have been several 
instances of teas at Mansfield Rd this summer that were at least up to 
this standard.  So a 6.5 / 10 score represents a solid, if 
unexceptional, experience.  The bar is raising...

An Australian opening partnership of Steve and Tanzil were cautious 
early but then proceeded to pick up the pace.  After making starts both 
were out unluckily picking out fielders with lofted shots.  Sri and 
Simon were in and Simon's bad run of luck continued when he was narrowly 
run out by a direct hit.  Sri and Dipayan  continued to hammer the 
attack -- Dipayan in particular with plenty of energy left after 
successfully implementing his strategy to minimise his fielding effort 
by standing as close as possible to other fielders.  After the bulk of 
the runs had been shaved off, a few late wickets fell.  But we were 
never in danger of knocking off their total -- which we did with half a 
dozen overs to spare.