Oxford University Club Cricket Club

The following is a rough description of what happened at the AGM. The traditional "Tony Mc taking minutes to lose later" was done away with, in favour of the more informative transcription which follows.

In the absence of a prepared report from Skip, and a lack of stats, a democratic system of nominating highlights and lowpoints was adopted. We didn't really come up with a unanimous choice for either category. Winter nets were apparently quite good, despite having absolutley no influence on the season at all. Playing against children was good but at the same time not good, as it generally means crap oppo. At least they turned up.


Casper rang us to provide the following information:
We've got ~140 quid
+ 30-40 owed by Steve T (why?)
+ some outstanding (i.e. not yet paid, as opposed to excellent/brilliant etc.) subs
+ some match fees supposedly collected by various captains

Tony Mc is owed 120 quid, but this has been factored into the above sum. We bought 12 balls for 120 quid, and paid 550 quid on nets.

Somebody suggested an alumni scheme whereby those who earn heaps (Chalky, Stu, Hunton etc.) give us some money. Another suggestion was that everyone pays 1% of their total income to the club.

3) KIT WINGE (and unrelated topics)
We need some (i.e. 2 or 3) new bats. A few of us are interested in getting club jumpers. Tony Mc thinks its nice that Steve T is getting married, and also defined the "8 Hertz wank". Chalky wants us to buy a banjo>

The suggestion that we play Saturday league as well as the usual Sunday friendly games was discussed in far too much length (they were still talking about it when I returned to the room!) We currently don't have enough regular players to play two games every weekend. Despite high numbers at winter nets, there was no follow-on into the season. We need to attract new players and keep them interested before we can think about a second side. An early season piss-up was suggested. As always, people who want to play league should be able to get a game for someone else around the place.

Do we have a ground for next year? This is apparently the captain's responsibility although, as Chalky says, "The University must find us a ground. The fuckers!" If we coordinate efforts with the OUC football club we should be able to get something worked out. Suggestions include Worcester College, New College, Christ Church, the old St Catz/new women's ground.
Can we do winter nets at Brookes? Vice-captain's job.

We want to drop Eynsham Park because they're rubbish. Coventry Ramblers and Winterbourne Bassett are possible new fixtures, as is a Dave Frame Sheep-shaggers XI (he may have said Kiwi XI, but I'm not sure). Oxenford thrice yearly, Blenheim twice and Sandford St Martin twice.

Suggested locations include:

Corfu won't play touring sides.

None of these position were particularly hard-fought over:

OUCCCCC - Friday December 8th, venue to be confirmed
Varsity Rugby - apparently in London on December 12th

Stu was semi-officially thanked for his year as Skip, before we decided to go for a pint at Jude the Obscure, followed by curry at Jamal's. Tony Mc didn't think we'd be able to get beer at Jamal's but was wrong. We couldn't get a table so we went to the Standard instead, where Tony Mc bought the first round. And Lawrence had an omelette and chips.

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