OUCCC vs Ascott-under-Wychwood

at Mansfield Road, July 2nd 2000


With Skip being unable to organise an earlier starting time so we could watch the footy, we spent around an hour waiting for Ascott-under-Wychwood to arrive. Rich Clark displayed soft Australian-ness, so we asked the guy bowling in the nets if he wanted a game. He said "Yes", and also had a mate who could fill in for the opposition.

We batted first. Croc and Chalky started solidly, but apparently forgot that they were supposed to score runs. By drinks, we had about 40 runs and Tony Mc asked if we could tell Croc to get out. I did, and he tried to run himself out but failed. Thanks for trying, mate. He eventually got out, having scored 38 off about 26 overs. Chalky followed very shortly after, having made 44. Skip and I increased the scoring rate until Chalky fired Skip with about 3 overs to go. Paul "Migwara" Miyagawa joined me and we took the score to 173 from our 40 overs. They were probably the best bowling side we've played this year, but we should have scored more early.

Highlight of tea was the arrival of Tony Mc's parents. I had to ask if they know he was a quim bowler. Since he hadn't told them, I felt it was best if they found out sooner rather than later so I stood up when he opened the bowling. All of our bowlers got considerable movement all day, resulting in a high number of unplayable deliveries, some of which got wickets. Catch of the season was taken by Paul at slip off Tony, despite not knowing where to stand. Doesn't really matter if you can dive full length to the left to snaffle the chance. Chalky wouldn't have caught it. They really only had two guys who could bat, but both miscued shots to hit catches. Martin Booth and Tom the ring-in did well, Croc tired after six balls (actually eight counting wides), and Casper came back to finish off the tail. 10 run win for Manny Rd.

Beer and footy after rather than curry. Skip was very pleased when France scored their first, because he could stay and have another beer, then pack the kit.


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