OUCCC vs Oxenford

at New College, August 13th 2000


The twisted fantasies that take place in Tony Mc's mind have no basis in fact.

A potentially good game destroyed by the weather. Skip managed to get some of us there early enough for a footy warmup, which turned out to be a more appropriate pastime for the conditions. Fortunately, Skip won the toss again and we got to bat. Good to have Carlos back in the side, if only for his kit-packing ability. We made 9/249 from our 45 overs, mainly thanks to Skip, Lawrence and Chalky. Dave and I were a bit slow, while everyone else did their best with the few balls left.

Tony Mc interrogated Chalky's bouncing partner during tea, which was magnificently laid out. The rain which had started late in our innings continued throughout the break, and we weren't sure if we would have to have a bowl.

The rain eventually let up and after a bit more footy, the cricket resumed. Skip set them a revised target of 200, which Chris Bumby thought was a bit generous. Casper was made to bowl from the far end because he was too short to make full use of the windows behind the sight screen. They started well, Lawrence giving one of the openers a life before Carlos ran him out. Casp then knocked over the youngish number three. Tony Mc dropped their opener (not for the first time this year) which probably meant he would have made a ton if the groundsman had let us continue.

The rain continued as we drank beer and discussed the tour. Tony Mc revealed far too much of his furtive imagination. None of our team wanted curry (or could get permission to be able to have one), so I went out with the oppo. Naturally, they tried to recruit me. I said I'd play only if they let me open.

It was Skip's last game as Skip, so it was disappointing not to get a famous victory. Or a crappy one. Or even a loss. Oh well, that's England for you.


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