OUCCC vs Eynsham Park

at Mansfield Road, May 14th 2000


Another glorious Sunday afternoon, a more satisfying result. A curry where Chalky told us the things he does with blue bottles in the bath.

Congrats to everyone who played yesterday.

Especially fine batting performances from Rich Clark getting a 50 batting at 8, Anthony for stemming the flow of wickets and yours truly, 64 at the start of the inning.

MRC 250ish for 8 off 40.

At tea there was talk of muzzling the bowlers to prevent bloating and subsequent lethargy. Tony Mc scoffed at the idea, scoffed loads of tea then proved Carl's point. Casper opening at the other end pinned the batsmen down bowling with a great accuracy letting the typically mendacious bounce of the wicket do the work. Puce after 10 overs Casp was retired to let Rich and Croc take advantage of the batsmans frustrations. Understandably they wanted to heave Croc's full tosses out the park but the odd one `swings a mile' and takes middles stump.

The seasons first injury came when Raj pulled up lame in the 8th over fielding at square leg. A near full recovery was made however when offered the ball with just the tail to remove.

Eynsham Park 130ish all out off 30ish.


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