OUCCC vs Faringdon

at Mansfield Road, August 27th 2000

Bastard oppo didn't turn up. We figure this was because no one bothered to confirm with them that there was a game on. Instead, Tony's Quimmers took on Schafer's Shafters in what is rapidly (and sadly) becoming a well organised 5.5 a side format.

The Shafters batted first, Migwara once again hitting everything that was widish and trying to make everything straightish widish. He was quite spawny, as well as hogging the strike. Tony and Martin failed to get a breakthrough, so Martin's strangely-named friend (how do you spell "Rodery"?) came on at one end with Steve T at the other. A nice edge saw Lawrence on his way, and Rich came in to test his new bat. It works just fine. In desperation, Tony turned to me and I got Rich to miss a straight one. Fortunately, it hit the stumps rather than going for byes. Sunil looked very handy - can we keep him please? I think "Rodery" got Migwara out but can't remember how (caught by Tony Mac?). Raj spooned a catch to me off Steve T, bringing Bumby in - to the delight of the harem which had come to watch him play. We couldn't get him out, because it would have ruined his chances of scoring. The Shafters made 4/158 from their 25 overs.

Realising there was no tea, the Quimmers' batted almost straight away. Tony produced his usual array of shots. Bumby steamed in, encouraged by the prospects on the sidelines. At the other end, Raj bowled tidily. Tony was tempted by a ball outside off, and tried to hit it through (over actually) the off side but didn't get enough of it. Martin joined me, and we decided to wait for Raj's bad balls as we were pretty sure there would be some. After 3 or 4 overs without a waist high full toss, we were confused. I was bowled by a flipper that skidded a lot more than expected, thanks to the wet pitch and ball. Martin edged one onto his stumps, then Migwara caught Steve T with his pads, giving Raj a career-best 3 for. Or at least it would have if the game counted. Tony Mac batted again (as we only had 5 players and they had 6), but got out pretty much the same way. We were about 90 runs and 10 overs short.

Bumby's harem had left, and Mrs Bill only provided some bought Raj's-diet-destroying cakes. Tony presented Mr & Mrs Bill with their retirement presents before we decided to adjourn to the KA, as the captain had not provided beer. At one point, four cricketers were discussing music, the playing of. Raj and I (being scientists) spoke among ourselves. Four pints later we decided to eat, not curry as the captain doesn't like it. Bella Pasta it was then.


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