OUCCC vs BP Tourists

at Jesus College Ground, June 10th 2001


At some time during Saturday's postgame drinking session, it was decided that Sunday's game should start at 11am rather than 10:30. Unfortunately, those of us who weren't present got there quite a bit earlier than required. We were still about half a team short when the oppo rolled up. Somebody dragged Jez Taylor from his room a few short metres away. Rich Clark eventually found the ground. (If we're going to play at such exotic locations as Brasenose or Jesus any time in the future, it might be an idea to actually explain where the ground is and how best to get there.) Chalky eventually arrived, having been up much past his bedtime, and having told Matt Benson at the Zodiac to turn up at 2ish.

As we were short of players, the oppo chose to let us bat first. Framo volunteered to open with Rhodri, but probably won't ever again in case the next horrendous piece of running results in his dismissal. Saurav (subbing for an injured Raj) wasn't unkeen to go in at three, having seen the bowling on Saturday but being dismissed cheaply. He managed to boost his average for the weekend from 1.00 to 118.00, making the most of the multitude of opportunities presented by the experienced but rusty opposition bowlers. Framo broke himself and had to leave but - never fear - had brought along another Kiwi to replace himself. Sam "ken bet a but" but was caught out when they switched keepers and advanced too far to a loopy one and was stumped. Rich tried to be patient but failed. Jez was very correct, and very correctly given LBW. Martin fell victim to the run chase, leaving Bumby to support Saurav to the end. 5 for 227 off 30 (yes, 30).

After a surprisingly good tea (since we supplied it) - mostly aided by Raj telling Bumby to bring 3 loaves and 4 fish since we playing at Jesus - we attempted to formulate a game plan which would keep them under the required rate of just over 7.5 per over. It involved Chalky describing how rough Matt looked using the Badger/Bastard scale, as well as Martin and Bumby swinging them a mile. The 6 over per bowler limit made it difficult, as after 12 overs they'd already made 30 but lost three wickets - 2 suprise Bumby-balls and an Aussie runout. They couldn't even hit Rhodri. Rich revelled in the conditions, generating quite a lot of pace. Jez overlooped at times. Matt may have enjoyed bowling with 150-odd runs to defend. The Kiwi's had an over each, Framo coming out in front despite not being able to move. 116 run win against a good bunch of old guys who may even be keen to come back next year.


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