OUCCC vs Eynsham

at Mansfield Road, July 15th 2001


What a load of bollocks! As if it weren't bad enough spooning a catch back to the bowler first ball, but for the bastard to then no ball you for having a fingertip in front of the stumps...! Twat! Five innings - three kitpacks. Impressive!

Having returned to the tried-and-tested 'bat first and make heaps of runs', we batted like children. Or worse than that, as it turned out. Skip was the first to go, to a full toss half way up his stumps. Both Sem and Nick were victims of the variable bounce. I wasn't. Martin claimed that at least he didn't get out in a stupid way like everyone else had, obviously forgetting that standing in the middle of the pitch isn't the best way to avoid being run out. Stanton fell to Sem's honesty. Rhodri seemed to bat for ages, but didn't make many runs (surprising as it seems). Bumby batted agressively, perhaps once too often, while Raj steadfastly held up his end. Skip set a very poor example by firing Nigel, perhaps for the entertainment value of seeing Tony Mc having a wild swing at the ball. He connected a few times and, despite his claims, also picked up some singles on his way to top score before Raj prevented him scoring too many by getting out. 10 for 76 isn't good in my book. Or in the scorebook.

Skip's suggestion that we knock them over quickly, then play a 20-over rematch was appropriately skoffed at. Martin's chicken tikka sandwiches were pretty much given the thumbs down, while others had the temerity to question Bumby's ham and cucumber combination. There was food left over, and not because it was bad - Chalky wasn't playing.

76 was more defendable than 50-odd, but not defendable enough. No one bowled especially badly, but Sem stood out once again. The fielding was nothing special, although there were no byes this week, just missed stumpings. Nigel's attempt to take a catch with his groin isn't likely to revolutionise the game. Not being able to get out really small children meant we were always going to struggle - no Chalky/Framo/Rich. They didn't even have to resort to the grown-ups. No curry again this week - how did we let Schafer become captain? Rest assured, there will be curry this Sunday!


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