OUCCC vs King's School

at Mansfield Road, July 22nd 2001


What a toss to lose! Martin and Bumby as opening bowlers, a green deck (as if that means anything at Mansfield Road), and overcast conditions. They put us in, not particularly surprising really.

Sunil missed a full toss, Stu got carried away, Rhodri missed one, so did I (another kit-pack), Martin got stumped (presumably by standing halfway down and assuming he would be out), Bumby hit some then missed one, so did Stanton, Raj went for two but was barely capable of 1.5, and Mark was similarly caught short. All out for 161. Well done to Tim, who batted through to make us all feel bad. Better than last week I suppose. Defendable? Possibly.

Too much food at tea once again. We're getting too good at the catering and too bad at the cricket.

Most of the people that we got out were out to quite bad shots off not particularly good balls. Not that there's anything wrong with the 'Shit gets wickets' philosophy/approach. Unfortunately we focussed on getting one end out for about three overs too many, meaning that when we got the other end out they only needed about seven more runs. And made them. Well done to Mark "You've seen me in the nets, can I have a game?".

Did I hear a "well captained, Tony" in the distance? Thought so.


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