OUCCC vs Oxenford

at Mansfield Road, June 24th 2001


Briefly: we didn't make enough runs or take enough wickets.

The first really warm matchday of the year enticed a few of the older members of the club make an appearance. Chalky even convinced his other half to come along. He did well to be on time, considering his experiences in Brighton the previous evening.

After much umming and ahhing, Skip decided that he would, in fact, toss the coin. Having won aforementioned tossing competition and chhosing to bat, he informed us that it was a 45 over match TO CATER FOR THE OPPOSITION! Controversial. We didn't actually listen to him anyway.

Croc opened with Skip - kind of - then lay in the sun for a few hours, amphibious reptile style. Tom provided a bit more support before having his susceptibility to the yorker exposed by a pile of rearranged woodwork. Skip plundered his way to another half century while Chalky was surprisingly sedate (read rubbish). Sunil also made a start but couldn't go on. Nick didn't start, staking an unbeatable claim for kitpack. The hattrick ball was dispatched for a boundary, while the mini-collapse was halted by Charles (yes, Charles) and myself. It was restarted when I, he and Martin hit three of the easiest catches never dropped. Sem (sic) wasn't able to right the ship, because he had to bat with Tony. Or rather watch as Tony got out. 193 off about 40. (I told you we didn't listen to any of that new-fangled 45-over talk.)

Tea was well received, good variety for a change. I'm not sure about the discussion of `stealth' sandwich ingredients, especially when Raj suggested mushy peas.

Martin and Tom opened the bowling, the former having slightly more luck in actually getting edges rather than just missing. We didn't drop Askar this year, so he didn't make a century. Sem (sic) bowled well, skittling the pegs with consecutive balls in his first over just when we needed a breakthrough. Pity about the wide to follow up though. And that they had a relative of Viv Richards batting at number five. He seemed to like our selection of medium pacers. I never thought I'd say this, but we could have used Raj, as the wicket did have some turn in it and we needed a bit more variety. Tony Mc, Nick and Croc all copped a bit of stick off balls that weren't especially bad. One six rebounded half way to the nets from the squash courts, while another disappeared over the squash courts. They passed the target with about ten overs to spare (fifteen if you believe in the 45-over rumour).

Rhodri showed up modelling one of the items in the Lewis pink shirt collection 2001. Raj's solution to cricket crowd problems is a moat filled with alligators. Thanks Raj, what was that about mushy peas again?


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