OUCCC vs Oxenford

at New College, August 27th 2001


A sunny bank holiday and a match that nobody knew about until Friday were two unexpected surprises. An excellent opportunity to start the season again after a five week break in the prime of Summer. More surprises followed when both Croc and Chalky turned up without hangovers for the first time in living memory. Oxenford, the only team we ever play now, batted first on a pitch which only bounced at one end. Martin opened economically taking three wickets including a catch by an alert Chalky at first slip. (Yes folks, one for the record books - a catch in the Manny Road slip cordon.) Bumby gave support without success and Sem was economical. Rich had a go and Tony Mac built up his economy rate. Croc decided it was too hot and couldn't be arsed with the effort so became an off-spinner, not without a stumping success. All the time Zaidi, their number three, was piling of the runs. The skipper brought on Nigel to tempt him to hit it in the air. He did but only to be dropped in the field. The run rate soared in the last few overs, ably enhanced by some slapstick fielding and comedy overthrows. They even stole a run as Frazer tried to replace the bails. Martin knocked over two more sets of stumps before they finished on 188-6.

Croc and Schaefer opened the batting against tight bowling. The skipper was bitter when triggered lbw for 7. It wasn't out, you know. Sem came in and showed us how to hit the ball off the square. Chalky was out quickly then Rich played a few shots. Play was delayed for a few minutes as a lethargic squirrel perambulated across the pitch. Once Sem and Rich were caught the tail couldn't keep up the scoring rate and were all out cheaply, although some more cheaply than others, as Tony Mac found when he had to pack the kit. We finished 20 runs short.


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