OUCCC vs Marlborough House

at Cowley Marsh, June 2nd 2002


I was going to start this report with the suggestion that perhaps we shouldn't bother a) playing games away from Manny Road, and b) playing games on Bank Holiday weekends. Having only eight players and having to field first is not something captains enjoy. But we won, so I won't whinge.

A slightly stronger side than on Friday was expected (numbers notwithstanding) Framo was absent, but fortunately the oppo had 12 so they gave us one of theirs - who turned out to be a Manny Road footballer. Bumby bowled tidily and got an early breakthrough. Rich was erratic at the other end, having 16 taken from his first over. I had visions of the guy who plays for Oxenford who we always drop so that he can make a century, but Tony Mc limited the damage by buying the wicket of the oppo's Kiwi. A bizarre piece of batting saw us get a run out while most of us weren't looking. Framo eventually showed up to witness a bowling spells usually only heard about from Spawny. Alan (our player for the day) surprised his (usual) teammates to take 5 for 5 from 4.5! We bowled them out for 106 in the 24th over.

Quentin and Chalky opened the batting after the (tea-less) break, and did very well. Chalky played probably his best innings of the last few years, while Quentin continued the form he's been in since the Rhodes Trust game. They took us well past halfway before Chalky decided to let someone else have a go. Framo attempted to work the singles, but Bumby fired him just as Tony Mc was getting bored. Rich perhaps struggled a bit due to the lack of pace in the bowling. Julian continued his steep learning curve, holding up his end. We reached the target in the 24th over. The somewhat fractured aftermatch carry-on that often follows away games resulted in no curry, so Chalky and I stayed in the pub until they kicked us out.


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