OUCCC vs Marlborough House

at Mansfield Road, August 18th 2002



Has our current run of form convinced people that they are above playing supposedly weaker teams? Or are they just plain lazy? Either way, we started with 9 against Marlborough House, and that was after Martin twisted Lawrence's arm. Jules' mate Grant filled in, and Seanie fielded after snapping some shots of our batting.

The deck was greenish but dry, which was enough for the oppo's Kiwi quick. He sent a couple of bouncers down, but South African openers aren't going to go to pieces that easily. Q and Lawrence started slowly but steadily increased the pace as the bowling decreased in speed and quality. They put on 50 before Q was bowled by a slow ball that looped over his bat. Rich joined Lawrence and the runs continued to pile up. A partnership of 90 from 14 overs saw us well on the way to 200. Rich was bowled by a full toss, Sam picking up where Rich left off. 3 overs and 30 runs later, they bought the quick back on. Sam played his Tony Mc shot at the first 5 balls without connecting, then missed the straight one and was bowled. I made Lawrence run a 3, then tamely lobbed one to point, leaving Mike to join Lawrence for the last few overs. 4-203, Lawrence carrying his bat for 87.

The oppo disappeared before we could copy the bowling figures, so I'm relying on my memory - and Mike repeatedly telling me that he took 4 for 19 or something. Martin's captaincy looked good when a catch was taken at second slip almost immediately after I was put there. Stanton was erratic again but also claimed 3 wickets, all bowled - two full tosses and one played on. They had lost 4 wickets after 6 overs. Sam came on to bowl some leggies, and Jules claimed a wicket at the other end by applying the "they miss, you hit" principle. Martin saw the opportunity to improve his average, a blinder by Seanie and another catch in the slips doing the trick and ending the match.

Post-match drinks at the KA included an appearance by Bokka on a "study break".

Eagle-eyed Stanton also managed to catch a thieving bastard in the act in the changing rooms and was lenient enough not to give the fucker a good belting.


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