OUCCC vs Sunningwell

at Mansfield Road, May 19th 2002


A win at last. Apparently we won it when I didn't give Watto leg before second ball of the match. If they told us then, we could have gone to the pub a lot earlier and not had to put up with their boring attempt to play a timed match, even though we told them it was 40 overs.

Watto and Framo were the lucky two volunteers who got to open. One of their opening bowlers was quite handy, and made very good use of the damp spot on the pitch to bowl Framo. Chalky was on the end of about the tenth LBW appeal. Rich and Watto them set about belting the bowling all over the place, and even ran a couple of threes! We reached three figures in the 16th over. Watto got out in the 17th, just making it to 50. Rich got out in the 19th, not quite making it to 50. Sam, Croc and myself struggled but all got starts. Chris, Tony Mc, Stanton and Deb tried to bring up the double century, but just failed. All out for 198.

As mentioned above, Sunningwell don't go in for target chasing. Especially after it became obvious that they were going to struggle to score off Deb (yes, it's a girl's name, but he certainly doesn't bowl like one) and Stanton. Stanton got the breakthrough in the 6th over, courtesy of a excellent catch by Watto. It then got a bit dull, with numerous near misses and even fewer runs. Sam replaced Stanton and bowled tidily as usual. Framo thinks Sam bowls like and Englishman, then labelled him "the Sunday roast of Manny Road". The second wicket fell after Framo managed to fire Watto up for a brief Casper-like spell. Tony Mc replaced Watto when he had to leave to go rowing (as a 10km run in the morning and making 50 wasn't enough exercise for the day). Wife and child witnessed a very good spell from Tony, except for the "one too many" at the end of his stint. Croc continued the excellent bowling (perhaps slightly assisted by the rubbish batting performance). Chris and Framo finished off. 145 boring runs for 4. Mostly good fielding performance to back up the tidy bowling. Framo was full of the exuberance of youth, which makes a pleasant change.

Tony Mc showed at the KA for beers and barmaid-ogling. Cadbury Sam also made an appearance for beers and curry. Good work!


PS I forgot to mention in last weeks report that certain members of the club were a bit too excited by the release of the new Star Wars film - and have the double-ended light sabres to prove it.

PPS Shock! Horror! Rhodri Lewis believed to be member of Tory party!

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