OUCCC vs King's School

at Mansfield Road, July 20th and 21st 2002

OBs Scorecard
YBs Scorecard

A successful weekend all round. Unless you happened to be playing for the Old Sokes.

Things began promisingly on Saturday, with a full team of OBs turning up and the captain being present at the toss. Chalky favoured the "250 and dick them" approach, and we were given that opportunity. We didn't quite manage the 250. The top order showed the signs of lack of practice although Carlos claimed he was feeling good. Fothers showed us all that it was not, in fact, very difficult at all to score runs. Wraggy provided solid support before Phil and Tony Mc hit out at the death to take us to 183 from the allotted 35 overs. It was a far better score than what had appeared to be on the cards earlier on.

Tea was monumental, in true OB fashion - we could always take up catering when we realise that we can't play cricket anymore.

Bumby opened the bowling on his OB debut. The pressure of playing in such hallowed company brought out the best in him, although the "one too many" to finish his 8 over spell took a little gloss off. Tony Mc was typically eclectic in his choice of deliveries and was removed after producing a wicket maiden in favour of Spawny. Those that weren't there will be pleased to know that nothing has changed - he's still as spawny as ever. Debate about the new no ball rule was raised when Adam Allies refused to go after being bowled on the third bounce. Spawny promptly bowled him with a full toss. Chalky made the most of the opportunity to bowl himself, even though there were no small children playing, and wrapped up proceedings in the 29th over to record a 38 run victory and hold on to the captaincy.

A typically excellent Tony Mc prepared BBQ followed, culminating in a late evening trip onto the roof to gauge the possibility of souveniring the copper top of the tower for Tony's back garden. It was a bit too heavy.

Bumby backed up to play again on Sunday, having volunteered me to play for the oppo. Their good bowler wasn't playing, which made quite a difference. The two Wattos turned up too late to open, and had to watch Jacques and Sam scoring at over 8 per over. Sam went to a surprisingly sharp catch in the slips. Alex thought it was going to be easy and it probably would have been if he hadn't hit one in the air to a fielder. Watto was going along nicely until a very unconvincing appeal convinced Charles to fire him. Bumby's Kiwi mate Tim fell victim to the same thing as Alex - which may be lack of practice. Jacques didn't quite make the nervous nineties. Nigel defended reasonably well, except for the one that bowled him. Charles followed Martin's lead and hit out briefly until he missed one. Croc picked the wrong fielder. Bumby batted in typical bludgeoning fashion but also missed one. Anurag scored 30 from about 10 balls, including 20 from the final over to take the total to 272...

... which always looked to be a bit out of reach. Especially with Watto charging in from one end and Bumby bounding in at the other. They were pretty keen to get through the top order to have a go at me. Watto got the first three, then almost got me before being taken off. Bumby was given an extra over at me but couldn't get rid of me. Sam was as accurate as ever with a bit of inswing as well. Jacques also did a bit in the air, as did Croc. I didn't really get to face Anurag before being run out - the only way I was happy to get out. Nigel was denied the prize scalp of Adam Allies by his teammates' honesty, which may have unsettled him a little and resulted in a 15 ball over. Alex andTim were given a few overs at the end, as the Old Sokes fell short by 148.


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