OUCCC vs Invitation XI

at Mansfield Road, August 3rd 2003


An invitation that was nearly to good.... Q lost the toss yet again but thankfully the Invitation XI were well behaved guests and chose to go and stand out in the afternoon heat while we lazed around under the trees and watched Q and Watto pick up where they left off in their previous innings. After accumulating another 45 runs to add to the 325 from the last game the partnership was finally broken when Watto launched into the ever accurate Matt Hardy and was bowled. Quentin followed after a good partnership with the promoted Deb. After being padded up for 60 overs waiting to bat over the last two weeks Tony only lasted one pie from Jez, though it was so slow he got three shots at it. Mike also didn't last long after a comedy incident in which Watto told Mike to piss off because he was out. Since Watto was the umpire at the time, Mike had no choice but to go. Jason looked remarkably out of touch after having to bat with his old piece of 'well loved' wood and reminded me of my batting a couple of weeks ago. At 96 for 6 in the 25th over Croc and I decided to get in some time at the crease and took 10 overs to score 18 runs. Great stuff, and entertaining too. A positive acceleration in the last few overs from Jonty and Stanton saw the total to a mighty 149. In reply the Invitation XI batted strongly to pretty much match our innings shot for shot and wicket for wicket. Stanton was punished for bowling too well in his opening spell and wasn't seen again. Tony put down another couple of hard catches and Watto steamed in to take three wickets in an obvious attempt to top the bowling and batting averages for the season. Only Bumby remains in his way. Jason also bowled well in the Bumby role of bowling half trackers at tail enders and taking wickets to ensure a narrow win by 4 runs. The fines dished out were: McNally: worst shot(s) of the season. Deb: four long hops in on over in an attempt to lose match Dropped catches: Dean x1 McNally x2 Wenderoth: Asleep at fine leg again. Price: Dissent. Watson: sledging own team. Watson: Use of unauthorised phrase 'piss off you're out' while umpiring.


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