OUCCC vs Moreton

at Mansfield Road, July 6th 2003


This game was marred from the start after my controversial dropping by Quentin, for poor OB friendly match reporting. As expected I was recalled to the starting XI after support from the team calling for my reinstatement. Yeah right, in my dreams. Bastards. Q turned up late, just in time for the toss, proceeded to lose it, and somehow got us involved in a timed match. Nice work there. Chalky opened up with Mike and showed the sort of class and timing that comes with maturity and a new diet. Mike's innings was, well, errrrr, quick. Very quick. One ball in fact. Jason, however, looked in sublime form and I was just placing a bet on his 50 when he was bowled for 27. Deb made the first of his howlers for the day by triggering Chalky and then a blazing Anurag. Quentin held the middle order together with a compact 43 while in the words of Jason : ' Sam, I have never seen an innings such as yours where a batsmen looked so incredibly out of touch, played so many pus shots and somehow scraped his way to 50'. Jealous. That's what I say. Martin, Julian and Deb all lasted longer than Mike but for the same score before Bumby played a cameo 11 not out. A very defendable 200 posted by 4:50pm. With a record breaking 4 ladies along to watch us field and some magnificent brownies tucked away we commenced to field with the sort of enthusiasm that saw us drop 4 catches in a row. Somehow we allowed their 13 year old opener to see off the pace of Mike, Martin and Jason before I finally had him caught for the third time on 39. A last minute rule change by the oppo meant that they were suddenly in with a chance of getting our score as their elegant left hander stroked the ball around the ground. With what Bumby described as 'thinking cricket' he bowled two full tosses that went for four and six and then sucker punched him into lobbing the 'faster' (i.e. even slower) half volley to mid-on. Full credit to Bumby however who took six wickets, but fooled no one, including his girlfriend. Deb wrapped up the day by bouncing the 75 year old tail ender into submission. All out for 131 and the fourth Manny Road victory in a row. A great turn out at the post match KA saw the introduction of a fines system, with Jason elected to the inaugural position of Fine Bastard. Lovely Barmaids but no chalky.


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