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Frank's Profile

Frank Von Delft
Playing Role Bowler, slogger
Highest Score 21
Best Bowling ??? No idea. 2-9 off 3 overs in JC final was very satisfying, though.
Nicknames None, I think.
Favourite batting shot Slog-sweep
Usual way of getting out Bowled
Usual way of getting batsman out Slower ball. (Ahhh! most satifying...)
Favourite International Cricketer Jonty Rhodes
Favourite Domestic/Club Cricketer None, they're all bastards.
Best player I played against None
Previous Clubs None
Favourite Ground St Johns College
Worst Ground Whitney -- hate that short boundary.
Favourite cricket equipment Kookaburra Belta
Memorable Moment On Field Ashley Pike hurling the ball from the far boundary in total darkness to run out the Offices' last batsman with a ball and a run to spare to win the Jack Cox trophy in 2007. Yee-ha!
Memorable Moment Off Field Being told off by random Yank tourist about knocking in a bat.
Biggest Influence None
Biggest Fear In Cricket Totally fearless. Which explains why I'm largely crap.
Career if not cricketer Structural Biologist.
Favourite Comment/Sledge On Pitch Everybody likes it tight!!!
Season's Ambition Five-fer, and economy rate below 3/over