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Oxford University Hockey Club

Code of Conduct 2003-04

1.0        Introduction
        Club Activities
        Specialist Officers
2.0           Event Organisers & Activity Leaders
3.0           Activity Participants
4.0           Provision of Training
5.0           Activity Registration
6.0           Health & Safety
7.0           Accident and Emergency Procedures
10.0       Equipment
11.0       Clubís Complaint Procedure
12.0       Governing Body Recommendations
13.0       Declaration
14.0       Appendix 1 Ė The Committee

1.0    Introduction

1.1       Being totally committed to the safety of its members, the 2003/04 Oxford University Hockey Club will operate so far as is reasonably practicable, in accordance with the following document, its risk assessment, the Oxford University Sports Federation Handbook, the Proctors rules and current NGB guidelines.

1.2      The Club is affiliated to the recognised National Governing Body for our sport, Hockey England Ltd., and to the respective regional leagues: -

Hockey England Ltd                                                Tel      +44 (0) 1908 544644

National Hockey Stadium                                         Fax     +44 (0) 1908 241106

            Silbury Boulevard                                             info@englishhockey.org

Milton Keynes                                                      www.hockeyonline.co.uk


1.3       It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to ensure that affiliation/membership is paid on the due date of the 1st April 2004.

1.4             The club will appoint a new committee in the third week of Trinity term. The committee will serve for one complete academic year.

1.5             At least three members of the new committee will arrange a Safety Briefing Session with the Area Safety Officer for Sport within two weeks of appointment.

1.6             The Club Code of Conduct and the Club Risk Assessment documents must be reviewed at the first meeting of each new committee and signed by at least the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

1.7             The reviewed and signed versions of the Code of Practice and Risk Assessment will be supplied to the Area Safety Officer for Sport four weeks after the appointment of the new committee.

1.8             The clubís appointed ďSenior MemberĒ is Ian Sobey.

2.0    Club Activities






Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings

Iffley Road

BUSA league



Club League

Saturday & Sunday

Southern counties

2.1             The objective of the club is the support, development, improvement and promotion of hockey within the University of Oxford.

2.2      The Club will organise the inter-college Cuppers and League tournaments and provide capable umpires for the semi-final and finals of the Cuppers tournaments.

3.0           Specialist Officers

3.1             The Club Committee will consist of the following officers who shall be fully matriculated members of the University:






Dan Solomon


077112 17391


Kate Adlington




Richard Blackburn


077344 30606

Menís Captain

Daniel Fox



Womenís Captain

Pamela Walker



Oís Captain

Chris Sibley


07736 328113

Mís Captain

Lucy Armstrong



Iís Captain




07747 797224

Hoís Captain

Holly Millward

Helen Richards





Old Membersí Sec.

Edward Bevan


078035 90972

Menís Cuppers Sec.

Richard Brixey



Womenís Cuppers Sec.

Amelia Jarvis


07770591 442

Web Master

Annie Bowden


07766 822717

Kit Sec. (Men)

Tom Bullock


0776651 6256

Kit Sec. (Women)

Caroline Ford


078664 19591

Social Secretaries

Rob Woodhead


07786 000442


Charlie Partridge


077696 95378

Suggested duties and responsibilities of the Committee are outlined in Appendix 1.

4.0     Event Organisers & Activity Leaders           

4.1             The Oxford University Hockey Club will follow the Sports Federation guidelines for Event              Organisers and Activity leaders, as detailed in section 2.5.2 of the Sports Federation              Handbook.

4.2             The Club appointed Event Organisers and Activity Leaders for 2003/04 are the respective captains:




Dan Fox

Menís 1st Team Captain


Chris Sibley

Menís 2nd Team Captain

christopher.sibley@keble .ox.ac.uk

Julian Barker-Danby

Menís 3rd Team Captain


Pam Walker

Womenís 1st Team Captain


Lucy Armstrong

Womenís 2nd Team Captain


Holly Millward

Helen Richards

Womenís 3rd Team Captain



5.0           Activity participants

5.1       Although Activity Leaders are responsible for informing participants about the exact nature of an activity, participants should be aware that they are responsible for their own actions, especially if they choose to disregard advice given by an Activity Leader or Event Organiser.

5.2             Club members are to be reminded to conduct themselves with the utmost responsibility at all times. 

5.3             Club Members should retain regard for safety and not deliberately or otherwise endanger the participation of other people whether they are members of the club or people nearby. 

5.4             Club Members should not bring the Club or the name of The University of Oxford into disrepute. 

6.0    Provision of Training

6.1             In an effort to promote the highest standards of instruction, training and safety, the Oxford University Hockey Club actively encourages its members to partake in training courses, gain experience or undertake formal assessment in our sport. The Club will endeavour to follow the Sports Federation guidelines for provision of this.

6.2             All coaches employed by the club must have at least a Level One coaching certificate or be in the process of attaining one. 

6.3             Student coaches must be deemed to have sufficient experience by the Committee.  They cannot receive payment unless they are at least Level One qualified or in the process of attaining this standard. 

6.4             All coaches must register with the University Sports Federation and Hockey England Ltd.  All paid coaches must be covered by their own insurance. 

6.5             The ratio of coaches/experienced members to inexperienced members must be no less than one to twenty.

7.0    Activity Registration

7.1       The Oxford University Hockey Club will follow the Sports Federation Handbook Trip/Fixture Registration guidelines found in section 3.4 of the Sports Federation Handbook.

8.0    Health & Safety

8.1             The Oxford University Hockey Club will follow the Sports Federation guidelines for First Aid provision found in section 6.2 of the Sports Federation Handbook.

8.2             All team captains must have access to copies of the Club Constitution, Club Code of Conduct and the Club Risk Assessment documents and are encouraged to implement the recommendations for player and spectator safety contained within these documents.  These documents can be obtained from the Club President or Secretary, or from the web page.

8.3            All club members must show that they have a clear understanding of the safety aspects of their sport or activity.

8.4             All training sessions and matches must be supervised by the team coach or captain or somebody authorised to do so by the coach or captain and recognised by the committee as being suitably qualified to do so.

8.5             Players should perform suitable warm up/down routines.

8.6             All players must be encouraged to wear suitable mouthguards, shin pads and handguards.

8.7            All goalkeepers must wear full goalkeeping kit including a helmet while training or playing. 

8.8             A first aid kit and ice will be kept either by the side of the pitch or available from the sports centre.  Qualified First Aiders and emergency contact numbers will be available in the University Sports Centre.

8.9             Only players, coaches and umpires will be allowed inside the pitch area during a match.

8.10         It is the responsibility of the individual to bring to the attention of the Committee any known medical condition or previous injuries that may affect their or other Club membersí safe participation within the sport. If the issue is of a sensitive nature, then this MUST be raised via the ASO.

8.11         The Club does not accept responsibility in the unlikely event of any damage, injury or death being incurred during the normal conduct of the sport to its members, members of the opposition, umpires and officials, spectators or nearby vehicles and property.

8.12         The name of the Club trained and/or qualified First Aiders for 2003/04 are: 





Pamela Walker

Womenís Blues Goalkeeper

General and Athletic First Aid Training




Ashley Ridout

Womenís 2nds

Basic First Aid



Izzy Jones

Womenís 2nds

Youth First Aid



9.0    Accident and Emergency Procedures

9.1       The Oxford University Hockey Club will follow the Sports Federation Accident and Emergency Procedures, as detailed in Section 3.5 of the Oxford University Sports Handbook.  All accidents or major injuries must be reported immediately to the Sports Centre.  An accident or near miss form must be filled out and registered with the Sports Federation as soon as possible.

10.0  Equipment

10.1         All players must provide their own playing and safety equipment.

10.2         All goalkeepers must provide their own goalkeeping protection and helmet and ensure that these meet the required safety standards.

10.3         The University Sports Centre is responsible for ensuring that the facilities (pitch, markings, goals, lights and surrounding fences) are kept in good condition.

10.4         Equipment may be stored in the Hockey Storeroom in the Sports Centre only with the permission of the Club president.

11.0  Clubís Complaint Procedure

11.1    The Club operates a procedure that allows Club members to raise complaints about issues, which might include the following:

o       The safety of Club activities

o       Poor standards of instruction or leadership

o       The standard of equipment used for Club activities 

o       Poor Club administration

o       The lack of suitable activities for their level of participation

11.2    Complaints concerning Club safety or operational matters should initially be addressed to the Club President. If this does not prove satisfactory a written complaint should be made to the Sports Federation President. The matter will be considered at the next available OUSF Executive Committee Meeting. Consultations may also take place with the ASO.

12.0 Governing Body Recommendations

           The Oxford University Hockey Club will operate so far as is reasonably practicable, in accordance with our current NGB guidelines.

13.0  Declaration (President, Secretary & Treasurer must sign)

            As a Club Official I am aware of my moral and legal obligations to my fellow Club members.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by and enforce the rules of the Club Constitution, Code of Conduct, Risk Assessment and Office to which I hold.













14.0  Appendix 1 Ė The Committee

14.1       The affairs of the Club shall be administrated by a Committee of not more than twenty              persons, which shall determine the subscription payable by the members of the club,              have ultimate responsibility for the activities of the Club and have control of the funds and              property of the Club, and of its administration.

14.2     The quorum for a committee meeting shall be three members present in person.  When              any financial business of the club is to be transacted there must be present the              Treasurer, or a member of the Committee deputed by the Treasurer to represent his or              her views to the Meeting.

14.3    The members of the Committee shall be elected, by simple majority voting, by the members of the Club at the AGM, except for the Team Captainís, who shall be elected by the current Varsity Match squad for that Team, and shall be eligible for re-election.  The members of the Club shall not appoint several individuals to jointly hold any of the Offices.

14.4     If during the period between the annual elections to Offices any Vacancies occur amongst the members of the Committee, the Committee shall have the power of filling the vacancy or vacancies up to the next AGM by co-option.

14.5     Each Office Holder must, on relinquishing his or her appointment, promptly hand his or her successor in Office (or to another member of the Club nominated by the Committee) all official documents and records belonging to the Club, together with (on request from the Committee) any other property belonging to the Club which may be in his or her possession; and must complete any requirements to transfer authority relating to control of the Clubís back accounts, building society accounts or other financial affairs.

14.6     No member of the Committee shall be removed from office except by the approving votes of two-thirds of those present in person or by proxy at a General Meeting.

14.7        The President shall have the right to preside at all meetings of the members of the Club and at all meetings of the Committee.  Should the President be absent, or decline to take the chair, the Committee shall elect another member of the Committee to chair the meeting.

14.8         The Secretary shall:

a)            Maintain a register of the members of the Club, which shall be available for inspection by the Proctors on request.

b)            Give notice of the meetings of the members and the Committee

c)            Draw up minutes of those meetings

d)            Notify the Proctors (through the Director of Sport) promptly following the appointment and resignation or removal of Office Holders and other members of the Committee

e)            Advise the Proctors (through the Director of Sport) promptly of any changes in the Constitution

f)              Notify the Proctors (through the Director of Sport) not later than second week of every Full Term of the programme of fixtures which has been arranged for that term (e.g. by providing them a copy of the fixture card)

g)            Inform the Proctors if the Club ceases to operate, or is to be dissolved, and in doing so present a final statement of accounts.

14.9              The Treasurer shall:

a)      Keep proper records of the Clubís financial transactions in accordance with current accepted accounting rules and practices

b)      Develop and implement control procedures to minimise the risk of financial exposure

c)      Ensure that bills are paid and cash is banked in accordance with the procedures developed under (b)

d)      Prepare an annual budget for the Club and regularly inform the Committee of progress against the budget

e)      Ensure that all statutory returns are made as appropriate

f)       Seek advice as necessary on tax matters from the Universityís Financial Division

g)      Make all records, procedures and accounts available on request to the Senior Member, the Proctor and Internal Audit


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