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Fantasy League


As a new venture this year, certain of the OUHC teams are running a Fantasy League.
We haven't quite got to the stage of picking fantasy teams, so for the moment individual players are awarded points according to the allocation below:
Click here to see MEN's standings
Click here to see WOMEN's standings

Appearance 2 starting XI
  1 subs
Win 2 all players
Clean Sheet 6 goalkeeper
  4 defenders
  2 midfielders
Goals Conceeded -3 defenders + goalie if more than 2
Goal Scorers 5 defenders + goalie
  4 midfielders
  3 strikers
Assists 2 all players
Blank Sheet -1 midfielders
  -2 strikers
Cards -3 green
  -6 yellow
  -12 red
Special Mention +1/-1 something special/stupid in game
MOM Nominations 0.5 nominations for MOM
Man of Match 3 as voted by all

And in addition to the above ....

Any negative points are halved for subs eg.blank sheet, goals conceeded etc.

If a goal is scored from a short corner by the striker or deflector etc - only 2 points for the goal, and the assist goes to the winner of the short corner.

If a side only conceeds one goal, the keeper is awarded 1.5 points, defenders 1 point and midfielder 0.5 points.

If the midfield are thought to have contributed to the team conceeding more than 2 goals (hence penalty for defenders) then they receive one or two special mentions.


Ashurst Morris Crisp PriceWaterHouseCoopers

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