RLSS Awards

2005/6 Awards

Bronze Medallion and Life Support 1:

2004/5 Awards

Trinity Term

Bronze Medallion and Life Support 1:

Hilary Term

We run courses every term including this one, if you'd like to do a qualification, please get in touch with the club.

The club enters people for any RLSS exam a member could ever want to take. We run one Bronze Medallion course each term and other exams are catered for training within the competiton group. We also teach the RLSS life support exams, which are required for the water based awards. Finally, we have also entered people for open water qualifications, but these must be taken in the summer, when the water isn't frozen.

Lifesaving Courses that we currently offer

Other Courses we cannot offer

You might also want to look at the information in the Theory Section.