Minutes of AGM 2000

Minutes of the OULSC AGM

6:00 PM 1/3/2000
Brasenose College

1. Apologies for absence.

Apologies were received from Peter Dobson, Jim Hanson.

2. Minutes of the previous AGM enc.

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as a genuine reflection of the meeting.

3. Matters arising from the previous minutes.

It was noted that we had not organised any extra swimming practice, this was due to full use of the pool by the Swimming Club.

4. President's Report, Chris Bray.

The President reported on the years events in great depth, highlighting our increased participation in competitions and our record third placing in the nationals.

5. Treasurer's Report, Caroline Grice.

The Treasurer accounted for the club's expenditure, explaining that this year's surplus was due to an increased competition grant and the sale of clothing to members which was purchased by the club in the last accounting period.

6. Setting of subscription fee for 2000/2001.

The termly subscription was set at 15 for the coming year.

7. Motions.

A - Wire Box
We should buy a wire box to keep bottles and other rescue aids in, this would be especially useful now that we have a set of competition standard ropes and nowhere for them to live.

Proposed Alex Gough


B - Blazers
After the varsity match, the club attended an event organised by the Swimming and Water Polo clubs. This event was enjoyed by all present and we thank the Swimming and Water Polo clubs for inviting us. We were disturbed by the crested blazers and eyesight destroying ties which were worn by some members of those clubs and would not like our own dear club to descend to the depths of fashion and style which these entail.

The club thus proposes to amend the constitution thus:

"7 - Dress and Club Kit Any clothing supplied to members shall be dark blue with white lettering. The club shall not adopt an official tie or formal dress nor supply such items to its members."

Proposed Alex Gough


C - Socials and Promotions subcommittee
Last year the club created a social and promotions subcommittee and appointed two members to fill that committee. This committee has never met and might have been a bad idea from the start.

The club thus resolves to amend the constitution so as to make no mention of the S&P subcommittee. The role of "Chairperson of the Social and Promotions subcommittee" shall be renamed to "Social and Promotions Officer".

Proposed Aimee Biggin


D - Being Blue
We should apply for mixed half Blue status, as we have now held three official Varsity matches and came third in this year's National competition.

Proposed Jo Hemmingway

This motion was amended so as to mandate the Captain to take responsibility for our application.

passed (as amended)

E - Co-ordination of National Lifesaving Activity
Recent discussions with other lifesaving clubs have indicated that a national body representing university lifesaving clubs should be set up. This club believes that such a body is a Good Thing as it will ease communication between clubs, allow for the adoption of a set of approved competition rules and improve the organisation of competitions. This club resolves to cooperate fully in the creation of a national body, even if it means organising it ourselves.

Proposed Chris Bray


F - A Competition of Our Own
Nottingham won this year's nationals, this means that there is a free competition slot sometime during Michaelmas term this year. We have wanted to hold a competition for a while and this presents an ideal opportunity to do so. This club resolves to investigate this possibility, including searching for potential sponsors and venues.

Proposed Caroline Grice


G - A Cunning Plan...
At the moment Oxford Brookes University does not have a lifesaving team (or have not told us that they do...). For lifesaving to advance into the BUSA there must be twenty eight competing teams in the country. It would be good if Brookes could be induced into forming a lifesaving club, as then we could split costs / share examiners and other useful stuff.

This club therefore thinks it would be a good plan to issue a challenge to play Brookes in a lifesaving match, to accept they will have to form a lifesaving club and the world will be a better place.

Proposed Alex Gough

This motion was amended after it was suggested that we should also try to involve the Oxford City Lifesaving club to participate in any match, perhaps as a part of the 'Town vs. Gown' series.

passed (as amended)

H - People Who Don't Drink Enough
Alex is noted for his sober nature, so much so that last term he saw fit to award himself the "Prize for Extraordinary Temperance". He has been seen walking in a straight line on numerous occasions and there are no reliable reports of him having ever slurred his speech, fallen in love with traffic cones or woken with a skull cracking headache. This will never do.

The club therefore resolves that Alex should not drink any Coke (or Pepsi) during the following dinner and associated frivolities.

Proposed Chris Bray (in association with the Portman Group and United Distillers)

passed (but not passed out)

I - Another Wire Box (lest we forget)
This year we gained a new set of competition ropes but have nowhere to store them. An ideal storage solution would be a pool side wire box. This club resolves to buy a wire box, then put things into it.

Proposed Aimee Biggin (and anyone else who really wanted to propose a motion, but forgot before the deadline).


8. Election of Officers

The following people have put forward nominations for posts as club officers
President: Chris Bray
Hon. Secretary: Alex Gough
Hon. Treasurer: Hannah Macleod
Team Captain: Aimee Biggin
Equipment and Merchandise Officer: Petra Lukacik
Social and Promotions Officer: Cassie Williams.

All officers were elected with no opposition.

The outgoing committee members wished the new committee luck in their endeavours.

9. Any other business

There was no other business.

10. Roy Auty Memorial Sherry and the singing of the Jolly Oxwatch song.

The Roy Auty Memorial Sherry was drunk, awards were given for performance throughout the year but the Jolly Oxwatch song was forgotten.

11. The Annual Dinner will follow the meeting. It is being held at Bar Med, but you knew that anyway.