Minutes of AGM 2001

Minutes of 2001 AGM

Time: 7:00, Tuesday 5th week, Hilary 2001 Venue: Wadham

Apologies for absence

Apologies for abscence were received from Cassie Williams.

Minutes of 2000 AGM

Matters arising from minutes of 2000 AGM

The minutes of the previous AGM were ratified.

President's Report, Chris Bray

The president spoke at great length about the events of the last year. Highlights being our competition, and us not quite winning anything.

Treasurer's Report, Hannah Macleod

The club's finances appeared to be sound, although the need for a rise in the level of the subscription was evident.

Setting of subscription fee for 2001/2002

The committee have noted that the cost of a bronze mediallion has doubled in the past few years, this now means that the club makes a loss from people taking bronze awards. Competition costs have also increased, although not by the same margin. The subscription has remained at fifteen pounds for some time now, but it must now be increased.

The club therefore proposes to set the subscription rate for the next year at twenty pounds per term.

The fees were set at twenty pounds per term


Wire Box
The club has more equipment than you can shake a sharp and suitably pointy stick at, Annies, ropes and er, stuff, yes. We need a BIG WIRE BOX to put this all in.

The club ressolves to get a wire box, then put things in it.

Proposed: Alex Gough


Code of Practice
The club, as part of its safety review, has written a code of practice which sets out the obligations of the club to its members, and of its members to the club. (See attatched.)

The club ressolves to adopt the Code of Practice, and add it to the constitution as ``Appendix II - Code of Practice''.

Proposed: Alex Gough


Along with the Code of Practice, the sports' federation has suggested that our constitution be modified to ensure that the duties of the committee members are clearer.

The club ressolves to adopt the Constitution as attatched to this agenda.

Proposed: Chris Bray


Membership Drive
Number of people regularly attending club sessions has dropped in the recent months.

Membership is the lifeblood of the club and is crucial for OULSC's finincial survival and to maintain OULSC's position as one of the best university competition squads in the country.

The club ressolves to: (voted in parts)

1: launch an especially strong recruitment drive in Michaelmas term 2001.

2: Purchase two tables at Fresher's fair instead of the usual one.

not passed

3: Run an NPLQ course if possible.

4: Offer 2 training sessions per week

5: Aim to gain corporate sponsorship to increase funding levels.

6: Offer a more kicking social programme.

7: Aim to increase the club's presence in the student media.

8: Run a poster and leafleting campaign accross the whole university MT 2001.

Proposed: Jon Worth

Passed, except as noted

Jo (and how we miss her)
This club notes that Jo was a good laugh, especially wrt to mopeds but alas she is currently dossing in Corsica and so has not been seen at all this year.

This club further notes that it would be a shame not to mention her at all although despite several requests she has not returned to visit us. Of course, none of us have been bothered to visit her, but we'll let that pass.

This club ressolves to drink a toast of sherry in her honour and to also drink the sherry that she isn't here to drink this year. The club also ressolves to mandate Jo, upon her return to civilisation, to better her previous performance at social events.

Proposed: Nick Burch


The club has been using a slightly old logo for a number of years now, and would like a better one.

The club thus ressolves to get a better logo and then print it on things.

Proposed: Chris Bray

Alex (because people can't let things rest)
This club notes that:

1 - Boat races are a common feature at competition socials.

2 - They involve the drinking of alcohol.

3 - That Alex tried to drink a pint of Ribena in the Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race at our own competition.

4 - That he stood under a spotlight, causing his Ribena to be very obvious to the assembled and jeering masses (this being, as Alex maintains, because he wasn't trying to cheat, merely to not drink anything).

5 - This also was not the first time that Alex has been known not to drink alcoholic drinks.

This club ressolves to:

1) Mandate Alex to drink a pint in both the Varsity and Nationals boat races.

2) Require Alex not to drink non-alcoholic drinks at tonight's meal and social.

3) Mandate him to drink a pint of beer before the meal as penance.

4) Rename the ``Roy Auty memorial sherry'' the ``Roy Auty and Alex Gough memorial sherry''.

Proposed: Nick Burch

Passed, as amended

``Tear down the walls''
This club notes that although we have come second in a great number of competitions this year, we have still not won anything. We believe that this has always been the fault of one person or another making an exceptionally stupid mistake. This has even happened in the swim and tow event, the event with the smallest range of things to get wrong.

This club further notes that Chris Bray managed to disqualify the team from the swim and tow relay at this year's Warick university competition, causing us the ignomy of not coming first.

The club therefore ressolves to create the ``Bray award for remarkable stupidity'' which shall be awarded to the person who made the hillarious and damaging errors in competitions. The winner of the award will be required to drink a pint of beer before the annual meal.

Proposed: Jon Worth


Another Competition
The club held its first ever competition this year, twenty other teams were persuaded to turn up and then tricked into racing around the Radcliffe Camera (how we laughed...). The club likes holding competitions almost as much as it likes to win them.

The club ressolves that it should hold another competition, assuming that doing so would not harm the interests of the members of the club.

Proposed: Aimee Biggin


Election of Officers

The following people have put themselves forwards to fill posts on next year's committee:

 President:  Aimmee Biggin
 Secretary:  Alex Gough
 Treasurer:  Hannah Macleod
 Captain:    Nick Burch
 Equipment:  Petra Lukacik
 Socials:    Chris Bray

All officers were elected.

Any Other Business

Roy Auty Memorial Sherry

The club will retire for a time to drink sherry, in rememberence of sober people past.

Annual Dinner

The meeting will be followed by the annual dinner, this is being held at somewhere near park end where everyone can be sure of ``Drinking, Eating & Cavorting'', although not all at once.