Minutes of AGM 2002

Minutes of 2002 AGM

Time: 5:45, Wednesday 7th week, Hilary 2002
Venue:St. Hildas College

Apologies for absence

Apologies for abscence were received from Alex Gough, Greg Pearson and Nicola Morris.

Minutes of 2001 AGM

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as a genuine reflection of the meeting.

Matters arising from the 2001 Minutes

Jo noted her gratitude and amusement by her (sole) in the 2001 minutes. She promised to better her social performances.

Presidents Report, Aimee Biggin

The President reported on last year's events in depth highlighting our performance in Southampton (somewhere in the top three were not quite sure exactly where) and the fact that we shockingly made a profit this year. This may of course be due to the distinct lack of socials. Although we have not won any thing still we can hold our heads up high because we did not get disqualified this year.

Treasurers Report, Hannah Macleod

The Treasurer accounted for the clubs expenditure explaining that there are still a large number of outstanding expenses the bulk of which consists of the bill from Magdalen College for the competition social (£300).

Setting of subscription fee for 2002/2003

Due to the current year accounts, the committee proposed to keep the termly subscription fee at £20 for the following year.

The fees were set at twenty pounds per term.


Wire Box

The club has a growing collection of mould in a certain St. Hildas cupboard. Somewhere beneath many unidentified creepy crawlies lies the club equipment. The club therefore proposes to find out exactly what it has left by buying a big wire box and putting things in it (preferably not anything that breathes or moves).

Proposed: Alex Gough



The club got a new logo last year and hasnt done much about it yet. The club proposes to use the logo more plaque for our big wire box, kit, documents etc.

Proposed: Chris Bray


Another Competition

The club held its second ever competition this year. We managed to persuade twenty teams to turn up, give us money and therefore make a profit. Since our success rate in competitions hasn't exactly been brilliant to date the club should go into business instead.

The club resolves to hold another competition, assuming that doing so would not harm the interests of the members of the club.

Proposed: Aimee Biggin


Election of Officers

The following people have put themselves forwards to fill posts on next years committee:

President: Nick Burch

Captain: Chris Bray

Secretary: Annant Shah or William Gowdy

Treasurer: Nicola Morris

Equipment: William Gowdy or Annant Shah

Socials: Greg Pearson

After a close vote, Annant Shah was elected Secretary and William Gowdy was elected Equipment Officer (despite calls for husts and fights)

Any Other Business

Alex Gough Memorial Ribena

The club soberly reflected on the benefits of not being entirely drunk all the time for a microsecond (it not being much fun without Alex there and also due to a clear lack of ribena) before sprinting to the bar.

Chris Bray award for extreme muppetry

Because of forgetting which week (not day) the Christmas dinner was in, never checking his e-mails, forgetting to give his mobile number to nic, sleeping in despite being a medic and general muppetry the Chris Bray award for extreme muppetry went to Greg.

Greg succeeded in downing a pint in Magdalen bar.

Annual Dinner

The meeting was followed by the annual dinner in Magdalen College where people gave new heights to drunkenness, public disorder (greg) and general mayhem.